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E-climb.com started in the winter of 2006 as the first manufacturer of ice-climbing equipment, selling directly online. Based in Barcelona, the company combines the experience of more than 30 years ice-climbing and a good knowledge of the latest industrial techniques. The result is a young company producing very innovative equipment to allow climbers push their limits in demanding terrain.

The Cryo-LT

The latest generation of technical ice axes. A technical, all-terrain tool, the Cryo-LT makes the perfect daily driver for ice, mixed and alpine climbing. The Cryo-LT has an ergonomic design with superb grip hand-rest, and its perfectly balanced design offers a controlled swing and a very precise hit. The biggest arch in the market brings good performance in difficult terrain with absolute security. Its modular design allows an easy conversion to a CRYO P (Adze), CRYO M (Hammer) or even to the CRYO Alpin models.

There are three different options below the grip hand-rest: Spikeless (Standard in Cryo LT), Spike, (With clippable Chrome-Molibdene tips) or SpikAlpin (Smaller version for improved plunging into snow). The axe allows for an optional trigger Trig as well as the practical 'leashless leash' Hand-Clip

  • Weight : 538g
  • Price: £142 GBP (Tax included) + £15 GBP shipping (3 days from Barcelona)

Have a look at our full range at www.e-climb.com.

Orders via online. We ship to the UK in max 3 days.

VIDEO: Ice Climbing On The Beach

For more information visit www.e-climb.com
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This announcement has been read 9,469 times

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