SOTO Micro Regulator Gas Stove

SOTO Micro Regulator Gas Stove, 69 kb
SOTO Micro Regulator Gas Stove
'SOTO' means 'Outdoors' in Japanese. Soto Outdoors are experts in creating innovative burners from conception to production.

As a burner heats up the temperature inside the cylinder cools down and when used for an extended period of time the cylinder gradually becomes cooler which decreases the internal pressure and reduces the burners output. To resolve this dilemma SOTO Outdoors has developed a Micro Regulator that produces a consistent output in all weather conditions without sacrificing size.

This Micro Regulator has been integrated into their latest single burner stove which is easy to operate and shock resistant. The stealth igniter installed inside the burner post greatly improves ignition and prevents breakage making it extremely robust.

The Micro Regulator is an outstanding performer in cold weather, maintaining a consistent output at -5°C; the stove can boil water in less than half the time it takes a stove without a regulator. The stove is very easy to use and its simple yet unique design is key to its ultra lightweight of only 73g.


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