Kouba Top nuts set

Kouba Top setKouba Top

Kouba Top Nuts are available in a set of 7 different sizes. Bigger five nuts in this set are made out of hard aluminium, and two smallest are made out of brass. This set is very versatile with the full set weight only 200g and range from 6mm to 29mm also with one side in asymmetric/offset shape. And all this for only £41.

Number Range Strength Weight
1 6-12mm 6/4kN 20g
2 7.5-12mm 6/4kN 20g
3 9-13.5mm 8/6kN 20g
4 10.5-15.5mm 10/6kN 20g
5 12-19.5mm 10/8kN 30g
6 14.5-24.5mm 12/8kN 40g
7 19-29mm 12/10kN 50g


Kouba is a climbing protection manufacturer with 15 years of experience in makings active cams, passive nuts, nut tools and rigging plates. Complete manufacturing and assembly takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic and with the assistance of Czech companies. We also produce components or even whole products for companies as Rock Empire, Omega Pacific and many more. In the past we worked together with Wild Country and Salewa as well.

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