Petzl Climbing Ropes

Petzl's new range of climbing ropes have been developed to meet the needs of today's climbers. Whether you are looking for a single rope, a half/twin rope or a rope with multiple certification (single and half/twin), you will find one that meets your needs. Each rope diameter corresponds to specific activities: gym, snow and ice climbing, rock and incorporate the latest technologies while being developed to meet Petzl's quality requirements.

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The Petzl rope line was developed with Petzl's requirements for quality and performance, meeting the needs of users engaged in any vertical activity. With this in mind, each rope is crafted according to precise specifications suited to its use. Further, all Petzl ropes benefit from an approach that focuses on:
- durability in terms of number of falls held, and overall abrasion resistance
- optimizing the elongation necessary to achieve the desired shock absorption
- excellent grip for greater fluidity in handling and use in belay devices
- optimal weight

DuraTec Dry Treatment

Dry treatment, making the rope more resistant to water, dirt and abrasion. Handling, grip and other characteristics are retained longer in cold, wet conditions.

Petzl Duratec Dry Treatment

EverFlex Treatment

Special thermal treatment stabilizes the core strands and improves consistency. Provides excellent grip and handling over time.

Petzl Everflex

UltraSonic Finish

Ultrasonic welding bonds the core and sheath together at the rope ends. Gives greater durability and avoids frayed ends.

Petzl UltraSonic Finish

ClimbReady Coil

Specific coil makes the rope ready to use straight from the store.

Petzl Climb Ready

Middle Mark

Indicates the middle of the rope to increase safety margin on lowers and abseils.

Petzl Middle Mark

There are 7 ropes in the range.

MAMBO 10.1mm

The MAMBO 10.1 single rope has a 10.1 mm diameter for greater versatility and ease of use in the gym or at the crag. This rope has a thick sheath for greater durability and better control. Learn More.


With a 9.8 mm diameter, the CONTACT 9.8 single rope is designed for climbers looking to progress their rock climbing. This rope offers an excellent balance of light weight and durability for greater versatility. Learn More.

ARIAL 9.5mm

With a 9.5 mm diameter, the ARIAL 9.5 is a lightweight single rope for high-end climbing and designed for experienced climbers, offering maximum longevity and performance in any conditions, thanks to its Duratec Dry treatment. Learn More.

VOLTA 9.2mm

The multi-standard VOLTA 9.2 has the light weight necessary for classic mountaineering and elite climbing performance, offering maximum longevity and performance in any conditions, thanks to its Duratec Dry treatment. Certified for all uses: single, half and twin, for multiple uses and maximum versatility according to the terrain. Learn More.

TANGO 8.5mm

With an 8.5 mm diameter, the TANGO 8.5 half rope is designed for multi-pitch climbing. Thanks to the thickness of its sheath, its flexibility and its durability, it is easy to use with belay devices. Learn More.

SALSA 8.2mm

The SALSA 8.2 half rope has an 8.2 mm diameter, offering greater versatility for multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering. This rope benefits from the Duratec Dry treatment to improve longevity and performance in any conditions. Learn More.

PASO 7.7mm

With a diameter of 7.7 mm and an extremely light weight, the PASO 7.7 rope is designed for ice climbing or technical mountaineering in cold, wet conditions. This rope benefits from the Duratec Dry treatment to improve longevity and performance in any conditions. Learn More.

How To Choose A Petzl Rope

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