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Over 120 activities and games to spice up your session and to introduce climbing skills in new ways.

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Climbing Games by Paul Smith

Each chapter deals with a fundamental climbing technique. Some chapters focus on a particular aspect of a climbing session, e.g. the use of foot or handholds, traversing or roped climbing. You can pick and choose activities from each chapter to suit your session and goals. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction, followed by a list of all the activities within that section along with their learning goals. The games are listed in a random order. Many of the games develop more than one aspect of climbing. To help you make the most of them, icons appear beside each title to give you information about the possible ways they can be used at a glance.


  • How to use this book
  • Equipment
  • Safety issues
  • Fundamental skills
  • Balance
  • Body awareness
  • Connection points
  • Warm-up games
  • Traversing games
  • Balance games
  • Body awareness games
  • Footwork games
  • Un-roped games
  • Fun activities
  • Roped games
  • Index of games
  • Further reading
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