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Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transciever  © Mammut
The Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver was designed to optimize rescue efforts iin the first critical 20 minutes of burial for which there is an 80% chance of survival. The PULSE handles single and multiple burial tracking with the ability to select and lock on to subjects one at a time. The easy to interpret "map view" display gives an overview of the rescue scene with the number and locations of each buried victim.

For the first time ever, the PULSE allows you to monitor and see your partners heartbeats to help prioritize rescue and focus your efforts to do the greatest good for as many as possible. The PULSE is equipped with 3 antennas - for precise signal acquisition and feedback as to the distance, depth and direction of your comrades. Remember - statistically over 30% of avalanche accidents involve multiple burials; 60% of avalanche deaths occur with multiple burials and 15% of all victims are killed by the mechanical action of a slide. Make the "80/20" rule the basis for your rescue plan, practice your search and rescue response and make sure everyone in your party is packing a PULSE and the necessary rescue tools and survival gear.


Three antennas allow for easy pinpointing at short distances and deep burials.
Easy-to-use menu-driven user interface is enhanced with real-time EasyView, a 360-degree direction indication that allows the user to locate from any position.

Manual or automatic selection allows for step-by-step resolution of complex multiple burial situations not previously possible with digital transceivers.
Vital data is detected by motion sensors that improve chances in multiple-burial situations; heart pulse detection, heart pulse trend and automatic burial detection.
Scalable software platform provides easy configuration and updates through wireless (W)-link.

The analog mode provides a search range of up to 60 meters for when the signal is more difficult to locate; digital mode searches up to 50 meters.

Power on self-test and continuous monitoring of battery power during operation assure functionality when heeded; automatic group check for proper functioning before your tour.

Includes ergonomic carrying system; user manual; training tool (CD); quick reference guide; CD-ROM with detailed avalanche awareness, trip preparation and route selection information; and batteries.


  • Weight with batteries: 210 grams

  • Transmitting frequency: 457 kHz

  • W-Link frequency: 868 / 915 MHz

  • Battery type: Alkaline; 3 x AAA 1.5 Volt

  • Battery life: at least 200 hours

  • Range: 60 meters

  • Search strip width: 40 meters

  • Dimensions: 113 / 75 / 27 millimeters

More information:

For more information Mammut Avalanche Rescue

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