Crampons: Stainless Steel versus Chromolly Steel

Grivel, 112 kb

Grivel Crampons, 98 kb
Alpinists have always been fascinated by technology. Often, when the utmost in structural form has been achieved, the attention moves to the tool's material composition.

Today the discussion focuses on what is the best steel for crampons which some people think of stainless steel. This isn't a new idea, many manufacturers have tried using it over the years, and Grivel has also carried out trials and tests on their crampons using stainless steel but with little success.

The current interest has encouraged us to reconsider the possibility and so we made inquiries in university research institutes, especially at the University of Paduawhere research is carried out on material supplied by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and UIAA. We got in contact with Professor Emilio Ramous who is an expert on material technology, member of the Institute ofMaterials, Minerals & Mining, (UK) and member of the Metallurgical Society of AIME (USA), and is also a keen alpinist.

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