AXE Cryo2

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AXE Cryo2 

The best solution for climbing vertical sections in a relaxed and safe way. This is the first technical ice axe with two identical, adjustable, and very comfortable grips. High-end performance in the steepest dry-tooling routes. Safe for the most difficult moves. Ideal for dry tooling and competition, but also provides excellent performance on cascades and mixed vertical terrain. Weight: 612 gr.

190,00 € tax excl.

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1. Two identical ergonomically handles with an excellent grip for any size hand, thanks to its large size and adjustable trigger.

2. Excellent weight distribution throughout its geometry saving energy on every swing.

3. Upper crest blade for excellent performance in dry tooling (accessory).

4. Offset grip angle for optimal engagement of forearm tendons, thus avoiding wrist fatigue especially in vertical sections.

5. The curving of the shaft provides a maximum clearance of 22 cm, ideal for overhanging and mushroomed ice. 

6. Additional inner teeth on the pick to increase grip on uneven terrain.

7. Special handle design for a perfect fit with the internal space of semi-closed hand to achieve an even load on all fingers.

8. The large lower spike hole allows for 2 carabineers to be clipped in.

9. Front side of the handle with adjustable trigger included, for any size hand.

10. An optional hammer can be added (accessory). 

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