Jetboil: New Stoves For Spring/Summer

Jetboil Sol Ti RRP £130, 45 kb
Jetboil Sol Ti RRP £130

Some new stoves from the experts in innovative, quick and easy, all-in-one pot and burners. Fast food for the outdoors - Jetboil designs provide boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal in two minutes, and come with comforting extras such as heat-changing insulating cosies and sip-top lids.

Jetboil Flash £80
Jetboil Sol £100
Jetboil Sol Titanium £130
Jetboil Zip £60

Firstly the Flash is replacing the popular flagship Jetboil PCS (Personal Cooking System). It's a few grams lighter: 397 to the PCS's 425g, comes in a bright range of colours (green, sapphire and carbon) and a newly designed burner secures and protects the igniter better from bumps, but the capacity and boil times are the same (1 litre / 2 minutes).

The new, top of the range Sol is an ultra compact and light (0.8 litre / 300g), 4-season Advanced Cooking System, designed to perform in extreme conditions and be almost unnoticeable in your rucksack. It comes with 'Thermo-Regulate Burner Technology', which essentially means it gives consistent heat output down to -6 degrees C.

Jetboil General Pic, 56 kb
The Sol comes with a 0.8 litre aluminium cup, an insulating cosy which changes colour when it's hot, a drink through lid with a pour spout and strainer, and a stabilising tripod. The bottom cover doubles as a bowl and measuring cup, and a push-button igniter sets it alight with a quick click.

The Sol 'Ti' version won an ispo award this year. It's designed for ultra fast and light adventures: the cooking cup is titanium, reducing the weight of the system to just 240g.

And the new Jetboil Zip is essentially a smaller version of the Flash - it has a capacity of 0.8 litres and weighs 340g. It takes the same amount of time to boil half a litre of water as the Sol and the Flash - two minutes - and comes with a standard Jetboil pour spout and strainer, drink through lid, and bottom cover that doubles as a measuring cup and bowl.

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