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This season LEKI has launched an innovative grip system for trekking poles. Trigger S Vertical technology has been newly developed and used in the Aergon grip system on select poles.

Trigger SV Glove and touring pole range, 228 kb

Tour Stick Vario Carbon, 41 kb
As with all trigger systems from LEKI, the glove loop can be easily clicked in and out of the pole. The key addition in the Trigger S Vertical technology for trekkers is located between the loop and the strap where there is now a flexi strip. This 'stretchy band' enables effortless gripping without having to click out beforehand yet the pole remains firmly connected to the hand.

In short the trekker benefits from optimal power transmission downwards and flexibility upwards as well as full all-round comfort. In the event of a fall, the spring system in the grip enables reliable release when tensile stress is applied, thereby significantly reducing the risk of injury.

The Trigger S Vertical option is available in the following models: Tour Stick Vario Carbon, Aergon 3, Aergon 2 and Aergonlite 2. Combine with the compatible Trigger S Vertical gloves with Powerframe [where the strap is built into the glove and emerges as a small loop made of flexible tear-resistant material from the palm of the glove] and you've got yourself a state-of-the-art trekking pole system.

For more information visit LEKI
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