The Cave

A highly innovative and technical tent, The Cave, from Heimplanet, is a stable and rigid geodesic structure, which utilises flexible TPU beams, filled with air, to support the attached flysheet, meshed inner and groundsheet.

Win a Cave from Heimplanet worth £550 - UKC/UKH Competition

Heimplanet Cave in use, 85 kb

Intuitive and extremely fast pitching allows the interlocking beams to inflate from one of five valves, and only a minute is needed to roll The Cave out, locate a valve, and inflate the diamond shaped frame with the included pump.

The innovative design of the tent features a multi-chamber system within the frame, ensuring stability even in the event of any deflation. Five separate tubes combine to create The Cave's frame, with the whole tent able to inflate via any section. Once fully inflated the connectors between the different sections can be simply locked off, ensuring any air loss in the frame would only affect a fifth of the overall structure, leaving the flysheet and inner tent still fully suspended and useable.

Heimplanet Cave inner, 73 kb
Heimplanet Cave pitched, 73 kb
Heimplanet Logo , 8 kb

Weighing only 5kgs, The Cave can comfortably sleep three people, and packs away into its carry bag just as quickly as it was pitched, simply by releasing all the valves and rolling the tent back up. The pump is included with the tent.

Stefan Clauss, co-designer of The Cave, and co-owner of Heimplanet, says, "The Cave was designed for owners to have a good time, and be grateful of their experiences. Heimplanet want you to be at home on all your travels, while being free to explore the different cultures of new surroundings."

The Cave is intended to be a home away from home, allowing new challenges and experiences to be easily sought. Speedy pitching provides owners with more time to do what they love, and the solid structure provides shelter in the most isolated environments. Stefan is confident in The Cave, "It is technically advanced and easy to use, whilst being coupled with good looks and performance", and it will be the envy of anyone attempting similar adventures.

Price: £550
Weight: 5200 grams

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