The Moon Cup........and the Shewee

Two essential items of kit for the woman climber, mountaineer and hillwalker: The Moon Cup and the SheeWee.

The Moon Cup

It's one of those subjects people tend to avoid..."Women and their Periods". If you're sensitive to this issue don't read on...

For women, going to the toilet on the hill can be a difficult thing to do, and it gets even more complicated if you're "on".

We all know about Sanitary Towels and Tampons but very few people have ever heard of a "Moon Cup". The first time I heard of them was after reading a thread from a woman asking other women what they do to make "the time of the month" easier on the hill.

I followed the link that had been posted and I must say I found it very interesting... and simple!

The Moon Cup is effectively a silicon cup that you place inside, like a tampon, that collects fluids, then, when required you take it out, wash it and re-use it. Once in place you cannot feel it at all.

You do have to be very comfortable with your nether regions though to use it.

For me the advantages are immense!

Moon Cup Instructions
(1) Everything is "caught" so there are no leaks.

(2) Smells are just not an issue as the Moon Cup is self contained.

(3) You can leave them in much longer than a tampon (depending on how heavy your flow is) so it is ideal if you have to spend 12 hours on the hill!

(4) There is no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome as there is with Tampons.

(5) The Moon Cup only collects what it's made to collect so your natural balance isn't disturbed (as with tampons)

(6) No messy pads.

(7) No messy strings dangling down.

(8) The initial oulay is £18 - £20, but if you add the cost of buying Tampons/Pads over a year the Moon Cup will pay for itself within a few months.

(9)The Moon Cup is completely reusable and will last for years. Think of all those tampons and pads saved from the landfill!


(1) You have to be able to really relax to take it out, and get very hands on to remove it, practise makes perfect.

(2) Removing the Moon Cup in a public toilet for example may be a little tricky as you have to wash them before re-using, but if you don't mind carrying either some wipes or a small bottle of water it shouldn't be a problem.

In short I am very impressed with my Moon Cup and will not be going back to standard sanitary products and will sing it praises to anyone I can convert!

More details including stockists:

Including some history:

"Mooncup - A Little Bit of Her Story
Menstrual cups were developed in the 1930s and went on commercial sale at around the same time as the first tampon. In that early post-Victorian era it was not considered 'proper' for women to touch their vaginal area. The manufacturers of the tampon overcame this obstacle by providing those disposable applicators that can still be found floating in our toilet bowls today! Menstrual cups require a 'hands on' approach and were only purchased by the most liberal minded woman in those days........more..."


Price: £6.00: £10 for girly pink, brilliant pink and blue models with a £2 donation to Breast Cancer Charity.

The Sheewee
The Shewee is a moulded plastic funnel that provides women with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating without removing clothes whilst standing AND sitting.

When positioned securely under the crotch, and with underwear pushed to the side, Shewee directs urine away from the body to a suitable place, such as a toilet, a container or a conveniently located tree!

- No more crossed legs or uncomfortable squatting.
- Maintain your privacy and banish bare bottoms!
- Stand up at public toilets to avoid unhygienic seats and smelly portable loos.
- Hike/climb/ski/jog off the beaten track, miles from the nearest toilet.
- Travel the world with the comfort of home in your pocket.

Whether you are a rock climber, ice climber, fell walker or mountain trekker, Shewee is an essential item of kit.


The Sheewee in use

If you are a regular climber or trekker you won't be embarrassed to squat and bare your bottom.


- Shewee eliminates the need to remove heavy back packs which you often have to do to squat.
- Shewee allows you to stand up away from nettles and ticks.
- Shewee allows you to remain fully clothed and so retain your body heat.
- Shewee allows you to urinate whilst wearing a harness.
- Shewee allows you to maintain your fluid levels and urinate quickly and easily.

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