New Wild Country Lockers: Ascent, Ascent Lite + Eos

Two HMS biners and an Offset D make up this neat, new range and provide a locking option for nearly The Eos, Ascent Lite and Ascent Biners...every occasion.

The new Ascent and Ascent Lite HMS karabiners feature a distinct new shape which sits better on the belay loop and maximises gate open but doesn't compromise strength. Importantly both biners come with true HMS 12mm round bar sections which means they work with a munter hitch and feed cleanly with any belay device. Two size options, standard and midi allow for more choice. Complementing these the Eos is a slim, light Offset D, that's great for racking and works perfectly for setting belays. All biners also feature our re-designed high strength thimble which runs closer and cleaner for a perfect lock. 

A high performance offset D, the Eos makes the most of an I beam back and hot forging to shed weight and retain strength. One of the most versatile lockers around its keylock nose and easy handling make it perfect for a wide range of uses: trad, winter and alpine. Good gate open and usable with gloves.

Features: Keylock nose, Offset D shape, Hot forged, 7075 extruded thimble, I beam back, High gate open strength, Lightweight  53.5g
RRP £12

Ascent Lite HMS
Shaving weight while maintaining rigidity this concise version of the Ascent keeps the same clean aesthetics to produce a lithe and compact biner. Shaped to maximise gate opening and optimize loading the Lite is neat in the hand, lighter on the rack and a great choice when weight matters most. Round bar rope end works with a Munter hitch. Features our new 7075 extruded thimble.

Features: Keylock nose, HMS - 12mm round bar, Hot forged, 7075 extruded thimble, I beam back, High strength, High gate open strength, Lightweight. 26kN / 8kN / 7kN. Weight 67g
RRP £13

Ascent HMS
An adaptable all-rounder the Ascent HMS is a strong, stylish choice. Built for belaying and beyond the ample internals give plenty of room for set ups and the Keylock nose is a super-slick clip.  Shaped to maximise gate open and optimize loading on tapes or belay loops it’s ergonomic and well thought out. Retaining a round bar at the rope end the smooth surface works well for rigging or with a Munter hitch.

Features: Keylock nose, HMS - 12mm round bar, Hot forged, 7075 extruded thimble, I beam back, High strength, High gate open strength. 26kN / 8kN / 7kN. Weight 71g
RRP £14

You can see more about these new biners at our all new website:

And you can learn a bit about how karabiners are made on the video below: 


Wild Country Karabiner Manufacturing Process from Wild Country on Vimeo.

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