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DMM's Dragon Cam family has just got bigger with the addition of the large sized 7 (purple) and 8 (green) Dragons.

They share many of the standout features of their brethren such as the 13.75° camming angle, extendable sling and TripleGrip. But for these off-width tamers we've added a wider TripleGrip contact surface area through more of the range - improving the grip, minimising 'walking' and spreading the force in soft rock. We've also used a lightweight axle block and increased the stiffness of the stem tube for pushing and placing above your head.

The size 7 and 8 cams weigh only 362 and 512 grams respectively. Hot forging the lobes and axle block allows us to maximise strength with a complex yet lightweight design. Both cams are rated at 14kN for active and passive use.

Alex Schweikart on Freerider 5.12d  © Frank Kretschmann
Alex Schweikart on Freerider 5.12d
© Frank Kretschmann

The Dragon's striking TripleGrip cam lobes feature an increased contact area with a raw aluminium finish and additional bite points. These features work together to increase friction between the cam lobe and the rock it's placed in. This increases holding power and reduces walking, particularly in slick or soft rock types and marginal placements.

Single stem, dual axle design gives Dragon cams 360° flexibility and a substantial expansion range, increasing performance in sub-optimal placements and helping you get the right piece first time. The Dragon cams hot-forged thumb press gives stable handling and reduces fumbling from gloved hands and pumped fingers. It allows the Dragon to have an extendable sling with no strength penalty, reducing the number of quickdraws needed to extend placements and minimising rack weight.

  • Colour coded for easy size identification

    • The DMM protection range is colour coded for quick and easy size selection. Colours are co-ordinated across passive and active protection, for quick selection of alternatives if your first choice doesn't fit.

  • Ergonomic thumb press gives stable handling

    • A hot forged thumb press gives quick placement and retrieval, and stable handling. The thumb press allows cams to have an extendable sling without sacrificing strength – Dragon cams from size 1 upward, have a 14kN strength rating.

  • TripleGrip lobes for increased holding power and reduced walking

    • TripleGrip lobes improve performance and reduce walking in all rock types. Contact areas are machined aluminium, giving better grip than anodised surfaces. These feature additional edges that catch on crystals and other micro features, helping the Dragon bite to increase grip and reduce walking. The lobes are also thickened, making them more robust under load, and highly resistant to bending forces.

  • Extendable sling reduces rope drag and rack weight

    • Extendable slings allow speedy placement extension without additional quickdraws. Extending placements reduces rope drag when routes change direction, move round corners or over roofs. Simply rack each cam on it's own carabiner for a self-contained system that is quick and easy to extend. Carrying less quickdraws minimises rack weight on your harness.

  • Dual axle design for expanded range

    • Dual axle cams have a greater expansion range than single axle designs, allowing them to fit a greater range of crack sizes. This lets dual axle cams fit more placements and have greater overlap between sizes, allowing you to carry fewer units to protect the same range of cracks.

Ben Bransby on Inhibitor 5.11a
© Ray Wood

Ben appreciating the increased stiffness of the stem tube when placing the Dragon above his head.
© Ray Wood

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