Grivel Twingate Carabiners IN STORE NOW

Grivel have revolutionised the world of carabiners with the advent of the Twin Gate system.  This new design improves carabiner safety, massively, while making them quicker and easier to use than a classic screw gate they replace.

The Sigma Twingate is a classic offset carabiner for to be used in place of a normal snap link or wherever you want to add extra security like on your cams, hexes or on your last quick draw before a crux.

The Mega Twingate has been designed to use as a replacement for the classic HMS carabiner.

Both are available for RRP £11 and IN STORE NOW.

Sigma Twingate Carabiner, 24 kb
Sigma Twingate Carabiner
Grivel Mega Twingate, 20 kb
Mega Twingate Carabiner



For more information visit Grivel GB Website
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