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Lightweight, inexpensive and durable - Most outdoor equipment only fulfil two of the three criteria. The Ocun Kestrel karabiner fulfils all three.

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New to the UK. Czech climbing company Ocun has been making waves. Their products are very well made and very competitively priced. The Kestrel karabiner is no exception. Weighing a mere 25g this feather weight biner is no lightweight. The Kestrel is hot forged, resulting in a 23kn breaking load and a gate open strength of 7kn. It is anodised and is available in six different colours: red, yellow, blue, green, purple grey. This makes them ideal for matching up with a set of cams. The 20mm gate opening is big enough to accommodate a wide range of ropes from skinny twins to fat singles.

The most astonishing thing about the Kestrel is its price. With a RRP of just £5 it is on average 40% cheaper than the other micro karabiners on the market.

The Kestrel Karabiner is ideal for any climber who wants to strip the weight out of their trad, alpine or big wall rack, without having to take out a mortgage to do so. Each karabiner costs a little more than a posh coffee and a newspaper. At that price the Ocun Kestrel has got to be worth trying.

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