Wild Country Xenon Lite

The beautiful new Xenon Lite biner only 29 grams & £6
The Xenon Lite Qd...on 10cm dyn only 65 grams & £12

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is less.

Case in point the awesome new Xenon Lite:

Less weight in each 'biner and each quickdraw means more chance you'll reach the top.

Conversely, you could carry more Xenon Lites for the same weight, meaning when the chips are down you may just have the extra clip you need. Either way you win.

Features wise, this hot forged mini-marvel has a small neat nose, that is hooded to protect the gate, and shares the subtle shaping as its big brother and comes with our easy clip Tech-wire gate.

And it's not only the weight that's amazing, this superlite 'biner comes to UK stores at the amazing price of £6 for a single or £12 for the 10cm QD.

The 10, 15 & 20cm QD options come on 10mm dyneema with our new Tadpole.

As usual there are sets of Biners / Quickdraws available.

In stores before Xmas in the UK!!!!

For more information visit Wild Country
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