bluesign® Ropes from EDELRID: High-Performance and Eco-Friendly

bluesign® Ropes from EDELRID: High-Performance and Eco-Friendly, 147 kb
bluesign® Ropes from EDELRID: High-Performance and Eco-Friendly
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EDELRID first took the lead on improving the eco-friendliness of their products in 2009, well before any other climbing company. In terms of their rope production this took the form of adopting the strict environmental standards of the bluesign® programme.

The aforementioned bluesign® scheme is the most stringent environmental standard for the production of textile products. It is independent, internationally recognised and based on reducing emissions, minimising water usage and chemicals, and reducing the waste products associated with production.

In practical terms this means setting a new benchmark for sustainable rope production. This is achieved by ensuring that all of the materials used employ as few pollutants as possible, without compromising the quality of the finished rope. EDELRID’s advanced rope production facilities in Isny im Allgäu, Germany, have received substantial investment to develop new techniques and manufacturing processes that can produce the sustainable, environmentally friendly ropes that consumers demand.

When it comes to rope production, dyeing the sheath yarns is one of the most chemically, energy and water intensive parts of the process. Through the changes EDELRID have made they’ve been able to make substantial environmental efficiencies, including: a 62% reduction in CO2 output, an 89% reduction in water usage, a 63% reduction in energy consumption and 63% fewer chemicals employed.

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