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The Performance 9.2 is an ultra-lightweight rope designed for those who want to take their climbing to the next level.

Edelweiss Performance 9.2, 131 kb

The Performance 9.2 Unicore has a hybrid design that synthesizes the extreme needs of serious climbers. The Performance is a certified single, half and twin rope, which means this rope is the Jack and Master of all trades. It's available in Everdry or Supereverdry which helps keep this rope water and abrasion resistant, extending the life of the rope. Sport, trad, ice and alpine climbers call on the Performance when every gram counts and the slightest bit of rope drag can mean the difference between success and failure on the sharp end.

Unicore Technology

An astonishing process, bonding rope sheath and core without affecting the rope's suppleness. Even in the hardest conditions of use sheath slippage is suppressed. If the sheath is cut or torn, core and sheath remain bonded together. With a standard rope, if the sheath is cut by abrasion over an edge it slides up the rope. It then becomes impossible to pass this area either ascending or descending. If the problem occurs near to the end of the rope the sheath may slide off completely and the user fall to the ground.

With the UNICORE process the sheath remains in place and the user may escape, either by descent or ascent, taking all necessary precautions. He/she is not stuck without a solution on the rope. The UNICORE process brings an undeniable gain in security during delicate and dangerous operations.

Clipping with the Edelweiss Performance 9.2mm Rope, 226 kb
Clipping with the Edelweiss Performance 9.2mm Rope
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  • Material : Polyamide
  • Unicore construction
  • Big Wall : Ok
  • Sheath slippage : 0 mm
  • Impact force factor 1,77 : Single 8.2kN Half 6,0kN Twin 9,5kN
  • Performance climbing : Ok
  • Weight : 57 g/m
  • Standard : UIAA CE EN892
  • Number of falls factor 1,77 : Single 5 Half 20 Twin +25
  • Diameter : 9,2 mm
  • Mountaineering : Ok
  • Static elongation : Single 8% Half 8% Twin 7%
  • First fall elongation : Single 37% Half 32% Twin 29%

The Edelweiss Performance 9.2 Rope, 245 kb

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