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Who is the one that checks that you are properly tied in before leaving the ground? Who yells out the beta that helps you move upward when you can't find the next hold? Who helps keep you from hitting the ground after slipping off that greasy hold? Upon redpointing your project, who is the first one to praise and congratulate you?

Your belayer. Meet Ray Verseau......

"He's the best belayer because I know he's always there with me, 100% focused" -- Steve McClure

"When he belayed me, and I sent my route, I actually broke down in tears [...] I had never experienced anything like that, and it changed my life..." -- Dave Graham

Ray Verseau is recognized by many climbers as "the best belayer in the world". For him, belaying is more than a skill, it is a lifestyle. We had the chance to meet this master and listen to his passion for "The Art of the Belay."

The World's Best Belayer -- Petzl from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.

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