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BaseFresh® Deodorising Conditioner provides odour-busting performance!

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Nikwax, the global leader in safe, high performance aftercare for outdoor gear, announces BaseFresh. This revolutionary product from Nikwax is a deodorising wash-in conditioner for use in combination with standard household detergents. BaseFresh is designed to deodorise and accelerate the drying time of all next-to-skin base layers used by outdoor enthusiasts, runners, and other active people.

After use and over time, technical base layers can lose their wicking performance and can stink. Regular detergents can be very aggressive cleaners, which are sometimes needed, but they can leave base layers with poor wicking performance, contributing to odour build-up. Added to the laundry load via the fabric softener tray, BaseFresh conditioner deodorises, speeds up drying and keeps technical garments fresh and cool. BaseFresh treated fabrics remove odours rather than masking them with perfumes like traditional fabric conditioners tend to do, it also renders the fabric more resistant to stains and day-to-day soiling making them easier to get clean once stained.

"Nikwax is committed to constantly innovating with new products,' says Nick Brown, founder and CEO of Nikwax. 'Our drive to improve the experience of outdoor enthusiasts and those living an active lifestyle propels us to provide the highest performing aftercare solutions on the market. Our products enhance the performance and extend the life of technical outdoor gear and apparel, and BaseFresh offers another solution for our customers. BaseFresh keeps base layers smelling better, and users more comfortable allowing them to better enjoy their time outdoors."

Independent trials and lab tests prove that new BaseFresh:

  • Significantly reduces the build up of body odour in next-to-skin fabric
  • Speeds up fabric drying time by up to 90 percent.
  • Increases fabric wicking properties by more than 30 times!

Nikwax BaseFresh in 300ml retails for £3.49, 1 litre for £8.99, and 5 litre for £29.99.

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