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Wild Country Technical Friend Set 1+2+3 , 63 kb
Wild Country Technical Friend Set 1+2+3
Wild Country was founded on the Friend and the Wild Country Technical Friend has been the best selling cam in the UK for well over a decade.

These cams are the backbone of the average British trad rack due to their light weight, ergonomic and easy handling properties, 13.75° cam angle and superb placement stability.

There are two Sets of Technical Friends available 1+2+3 or 0.5+1.5+2.5 and combined they have a range from 17mm to 66mm.

These six cams cover the majority of cam placements that you will find and are the classic purchase for anyone starting to put together their first rack.

However at £75 for each set of three cams you could also well consider taking this opportunity to increase the number of cams on your rack for a bargain price.

This deal is only available whilst stocks last.

Wild Country Technical Friend Statistics

Wild Country Technical Friend Set 0.5+1.5+2.5  , 50 kb
Wild Country Technical Friend Set 0.5+1.5+2.5
  • 0.5: Red, Range 17-24mm, Weight 85g, Strength 14kN
  • 1.0: Gold, Range 19-29mm, Weight 95g, Strength 14kN
  • 1.5: Silver, Range 23-25mm, Weight 98g, Strength 14kN
  • 2.0: Red, Range 29-44mm, Weight 111g, Strength 14kN
  • 2.5: Gold, Range 33-55mm, Weight 122g, Strength 14kN
  • 3.0: Purple, Range 43-66mm, Weight 155g, Strength 14kN

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