Red Chili Nacho Rock Shoes: The Classic Slipper Reborn

Stefan Glowacz testing his prototypes...., 193 kb
Stefan Glowacz testing his prototypes....
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“Bouldering is experiencing an unstoppable growth. That's why I'm convinced that slippers have a bright future. So when I developed the Nacho with our athletes we knew what to aim for but were still so psyched by the finished shoe and its awesome level of sensitivity and sock-like fit.” Stefan Glowacz

The new Nacho is a full-blooded slipper built to complement and complete Red Chili's high-end climbing shoe range. As befits a true slipper the Nacho is sharp and precise but stays soft and sensitive: a feeling achieved by a perfectly positioned razor-thin midsole and an integral rand for the slim, sticky toe-patch. The Nacho has a super secure fit created by reducing pre-tension and using a lightweight, lo-stretch synthetic upper and slingshot heel. This combination is backed by strong elastic patches in just the right place, making for easy on and offs, and essentially in a slipper, once on it stays put!


  • Full-blooded slipper.
  • Lightweight synthetic material very low stretch characteristics.
  • Sharp precise toe.
  • Pointed, razor-thin midsole, low pre-tension.
  • Toe patch designed of one piece with edge rubber.
  • Perfect fit on heel.
  • Sole 4,5 mm Red Chili RX2 super friction rubber.
  • Sizes UK 3 – 12.
  • The Nacho is in UK stores now.

    Well tested Nachos....
    © Red Chili

    The new Nacho...
    © Red Chili

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