The new Five Ten Anasazi Blanco Product News

The Five Ten Anasazi Blanco is back by popular demand!

We've managed to produce a climbing shoe with even greater edging performance than the original Blanco.

We've taken everything that made the original Anasazi Blanco so loved and renowned - its last, asymmetric shape, Stealth® C4™ rubber, high-tension heel rand - then added a few effective features to bring it into the modern age of climbing. The new Blanco has a thermoplastic midsole that is stronger and stiffer. For warmer days and longer climbs, a perforated upper has been utilised to add breathability. Finally, the eye stay now has a welded construction for a sleeker shoe and to prevent fraying from scrapes on rock. Precise and powerful, this shoe is like no other when it comes to micro holds and edges.


The Blanco is the most aggressive shoe in the Anasazi line. For 2017, we have updated the midsole to thermoplastic so the Blanco retains its famously stiff platform even longer. The eye stay also has been updated to a welded construction. The heel rand has the most tension out of any Anasazi and the outsole is Stealth® C4™ making this one of the most powerful edging shoes in the world.

Key Features

  • Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole (4mm)
  • Lace closure system
  • Lined, synthetic upper
  • Thermoplastic midsole
  • Asymmetric toe box
  • High heel tension


Edging, sport climbing, technical trad climbing and bouldering.

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5 Jun, 2017
Thanks 5.10. Worse than the old whites, not convinced they are stiffer like claimed. Certainly not worth £130
5 Jun, 2017
Hmmm. Probably agree that they don't feel stiffer than a new pair of old whites if you get my drift but not sure I'd want them to be. The key thing with the thermoplastic sole of the new model is that the stiffness should 'last' for longer so whilst costing more shouldn't bag out like the old ones did in a matter of a dozen or so intense sessions so perhaps representing better value as a consequence. I had a box fresh pair of old whites to compare alongside the new model and found the new model marginally better in terms of fit, lightness which was a massive relief as I was on my final pair of the old model.
6 Jun, 2017
meant to say fit, lightness and precision

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