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Organic News

Announcements direct from Organic

Nov 2017

thumbLast year Organic rolled out their range of accessories, including their premium Chalk Bag, Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket, Artist's...

Mar 2016

thumbAs well as producing world renowned bouldering mats, Organic Climbing produce a range of accessories to cater for all your...

Oct 2015

thumbThe colourful, eye catching bouldering mats from the USA are now available in the UK. Each mat is individually handmade and no...

Organic Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Dec 2017

thumbOrganic are in vogue in the bouldering world. Their bright coloured pads are instantly recognisable, not to mention some of the...

Mar 2017

thumbAs a vegan, taking on a new sport/discipline requires research. With the help of the Veggie Guide team, we have put together a...

Dec 2015

thumbRob Greenwood reviews the Organic Big Pad and concludes that it is, indeed very BIG, very good, and very expensive!

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