Spotlight: New Clothing Autumn/Winter 2021 Spotlight


We have spent the last couple of months catching up with brands up and down the country and checking out their quality new clobber. Below is a roundup of the most eye-catching new clothing.

Marmot - Ether Driclime 2.0
Marmot - Preon Fleece
Montane - Fireball
Montane - Krypton Hoody and Jacket
Montane - Pac Plus XT Waterproof Jacket
Mountain Equipment - Baltoro and Trango Jackets
Mountain Equipment - Fitzroy and Citadel Jackets
Mountain Equipment - Shroud and Eclipse Fleeces
Rab - Arc Eco Waterproof Jacket
Rab - Cubit Stretch Down Hoody
Rab - Generator Alpine Jacket
Rab - Kinetic Ultra
Rab - Skyline Range
Sprayway - Gridded Baselayer Collection
Sprayway - HydroDRY Collection
Trekmates - Gloves Range
Dynafit - New Clothing Overview
Salewa - Responsive Technology

20 Oct, 2021

I'm so excited for the Trango jacket! It seems like the perfect do-it-all down jacket. I have a Rab Microlight, but I'm looking to update to something a bit warmer and with a helmet compatible hood. I was looking at the Rab's Electron Pro jacket. Do you think the ME Trango would be a better choice? I'm curious because ME garment tend to be better cut for me than Rab. Thanks for your help and MANY thanks for the fantastic review you're doing.

20 Oct, 2021

Obviously it's Rich's job to sell the new Citadel, but it does look very very good for the worst of UK winter weather. The one I reviewed a decade ago was fantastically warm, but I thought a bit over engineered with thing climbers didn't actually need. They new one looks rather similar in design to my 20 yr old DAS parka in the simplicity and big drop pockets, just made with better and lighter materials. The way he describes the hood, why can all manufacturers make hoods that work like that? I guess because those of us pulling them on over hats, fleece hoods, helmets, and shell hoods are actually quite a small and weird bunch and the vast majority of your potential sales just don't need a hood like that?

21 Oct, 2021

The great thing about new gear season is that for mere mortals like me, the nearly-as-good old models go on the clearance rack. Got a great deal on my new (2020) Fitzroy :-)

21 Oct, 2021

It does look like the perfect Scottish belay jacket (and that was a good sales pitch of a video!).

ME have always prided themselves on their hoods but for 99% of the outdoor buying public, they want something snug that looks good up and down, not a cavernous monstrosity! I have an Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody (that I won in a UKC comp, lucky me!) and the hood looks great but in any actual wind, it seems to funnel wind down my chest and nearly blows off. Give me an uncool but functional hood anyday!

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