Spotlight: New Climbing Gear Autumn/Winter 2021 Spotlight


For the past couple of months, we've been finding out about all the shiny new gear that's hitting the shops this Autumn/Winter. We've taken a look at everything from the latest harnesses and helmets, to new rock shoes and cool cams. Take a peak:

Black Diamond - Couloir Harness
Edelrid - Eco Range
Edelrid - Harness Range
Edelrid - Salathe Helmet
La Sportiva - Kubo
La Sportiva - TC Pro
Red Chili - Kneerock
Red Chili - Magnet
Red Chili - Spirit
Scarpa - Chimera
Scarpa - Instinct Slipper
Scarpa - Quantic
Trango - Halo Helmet
Trango - Raptor Ice Tool
Wild Country - Synchro and Mosquito Harnesses
Wild Country - Offset Zero Friends
Ocun - Jett Crack

Hi All,

If anyone has any questions feel free to fire them across.

As many will notice, we've filmed the majority of these in person, as opposed to via Zoom, which marks a change from our last round of reports. It is - at least from my perspective - infinitely superior, not least because of the picture and audio quality being infinitely superior, but also the fact that we can actually handle the kit, formulate an opinion on it, and ask more relevant questions as a result of this (or at least that's the theory in between the waffling).

Another point worth noting is that we've moved away from featuring products from the season ahead (i.e. those released in 6-8 months time) to those that are available in shops now. Trade Shows have historically focussed on the former, but from an end user perspective that information, nice though it is to know, also a little misleading.

Hopefully 2022 will bring about a more normal year as far as trade shows are concerned and we can go back to filming all our reports within the space of a few days. It would suffice to say that these took a lot of time, effort and driving.

Thanks to Nick Brown for keeping in check (and focus) throughout.

20 Oct, 2021

I enjoyed them - I think the Trango helmet was even part designed by one of my old Finnish climbing partners who was an engineer at Suunto and now works in Colarado for Trango! I am very ready to offer my services to review the Scarpa Quantic because your description makes it sound the perfect shoe for me! :)

Bear with on this one, as there's a very real possibility that we can make this happen :-)

20 Oct, 2021

The Scarpa Force a decade ago was a mid-range velcro do many things type of shoe that I loved: I only binned that original pair a few years back when a strap finally snapped off. Got me up 600 odd metres of Stetind's South Pillar in comfort and worked on smeary friction weird granite sport climbs or polished limestone. Couldn't ask much more from comfortable shoe, so I'm hoping the Quantic might follow in the Force's mighty footsteps.

21 Oct, 2021

Is the new Instinct Slipper going to have the same last/fit as the original orange Instinct S (FQ?), the narrower FJ last of the current Instinct SR, or the FV last as used in the Instinct Lace, VS etc. (or something else)? The original Instinct S is one of my favourite shoes and I was very disappointed when I tried on the SR and they were uncomfortably narrow for my wide feet.

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