Spotlight: New Climbing Gear Spring/Summer '21 Spotlight


Next up in our Spotlight gear round-ups is climbing gear. We've chatted with brands about the latest hardware, ropes, harnesses, helmets and every other form of gear. Plus, everything is hitting the shops imminently...

Black Diamond - Zone Harness
DMM - Dragonfly Cams
DMM - Spire and Spire Tech Axes
Mammut - 4 Slide Harness
Mammut - New Ropes
Mammut - Sender and Workhorse Carabiners
Mammut - Sender and Workhorse Quickdraws
Wild Country - Mosquito and Synchro Harnesses
Wild Country - Quickdraw Range
Tendon - Master Pro 8.9 and 9.2 Ropes
Beal - Phantom Harness
Climbing Technology - Hook It Via Ferrata Set
Climbing Technology - Moon Helmet
Climbing Technology - Orion, Galaxy and Eclipse Helmets
Climbing Technology - Flik Children's Harness
Red Chili - Kneerock and Jamrock
Edelrid - Prisma and Prisma Guide
Edelrid - Protect Range Ropes
Edelrid - Neo 3R Rope
CAMP - Locking Carabiners
CAMP - Non-Locking Carabiners
Troll - Chalk Bags

15 Mar, 2021

Why are all of these videos unlisted on your YouTube channel?

The plan is to put each into the various playlists on YouTube, such as the one we have already created for Footwear (see pic below); however, given the sheer number of videos we have had to edit - and the fact that they're in separate playlists on UKC/UKH - two most recent categories have slipped through the net.

We'll aim to get our YouTube Channel updated ASAP, but in the meanwhile you're best viewing them through UKC/UKH instead.

15 Mar, 2021

Thanks for pointing out. I thought I'd scheduled them to go public at a certain time, but had messed it up somehow. Should work now.


17 Mar, 2021

Really excited by the Edelrid Protect ropes, seems like a leap forward for a product instead of just incremental improvements. An aramid reinforced cut resistant 8.2mm........

I too am excited about this, so much so that from the moment I first saw them I said "I'M REVIEWING THOSE".

Whilst their 8.9mm Swift Pro Protect Dry held appeal, it didn't quite fit the bill for what I primarily wanted it for + needed (i.e. an all round rope for trad climbing on sea cliffs and mountain crags within the British Isles). The Starling 8.2mm however, fits that criteria perfectly.

If you hadn't seen the review of the Swift Pro Protect Dry (say that three times...) here's a link:

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