What's New? ISPO 2015: Climbing Hardware Report Product News

The team from UKC were recently at the giant trade show of ISPO in Munich. We saw a lot of products, drank a little bit of German beer, chatted about climbing with as many people as we could find, and we made a few videos too.

In this, our first of three reports, we show you videos and the odd photo of some of the new climbing products that are hitting the shops either right now or very soon. There's some sexy looking gear on its way - some of it we have already tested on UKC, and some of it we will be testing later this year, but for now watch the videos and make your own mind up - what's hot and what's not?

  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Petzl - Sita Harness
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Petzl - Positioning Lanyard
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Salewa - Quick Screw
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Salewa - North-X
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Salewa - Ergo Belay Device
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Camp - Matik
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - DMM - Chimera and Pivot
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - DMM - Maverik 2 and Vertesse Harnesses
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Edelrid - Climbing Wall Hardwear
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Grivel - Tech Machine
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Grivel - Clepsydra
  • UKC ISPO 2015 - Black Diamond - Snaggletooth Crampon

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