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Julbo Lens Simulator

Julbo Lens Simulator, 40 kb
Julbo Lens Simulator
Julbo have made available an online lens simulator tool which allows you to view the different styles and categories of lenses available across the Julbo range and their effect on ambient light conditions. The simulator is available here.

Julbo Mountaineering Sunglasses

Julbo's expertise in lens technology results in products that meet the conditions of each type of terrain and the requirements of each user. Protection, angle of vision, hold, ventilation etc. All products are meticulously constructed.

Julbo Trek ANd Tensing

Tensing / A whole new look in the mountains

The Tensing designed with input from team Julbo and Glen Plake provides mountaineers the choice they need when looking for protective eyewear. The ultra-wrap profile design guarantees maximum protection against high altitude, as well as superior ventilation. The dual injected frame strategically combines a strong outer material with a highly flexible inner design for comfort against the face. Available with the Spectron 3 & 4 lens. More info on the Tensing can be found by clicking here or by watching the video below.

Trek / Fast and Light

The Trek's mission is simple: to achieve optimum performance while moving fast in extreme environments by providing highly technical, yet lightweight eyewear with design input from team member Ueli Steck. For those committed to the outdoors via mountaineering, climbing and trail running, the Trek is the perfect combination of technical mountaineering principles and lightweight performance ergonomics. Detachable shields block lateral rays from intense glare as well as offer superior ventilation when necessary. Julbo's Flex Nose design and 360° adjustable temples provide optimum hold. It's available with either the photochromic Cameleon or Zebra lens options or the fixed Spectron 4 lens for optimal visibility and protection against intense sunlight from desert to glacier conditions. Purely Julbo. More info on the Trek can be found by clicking here.

Ueli Steck wearng the Julbo Trek

For more information visit Lyon Outdoor
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