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Camming Devices

Here we put all the top cams head to head in one massive review! Which cams have the largest range? Which are the lightest? Which are the cheapest? And... which did we like the best? Find out in this UKC review...

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Totem Basic Cams

Totem have revived the much-loved "Alien" - but with many newer micro-cams on the market do they still cut the mustard? Duncan Campbell puts them to the test by getting pumped and falling off onto them so you don't have to!

Totem Cams

Hype or awesome? Are these Totem Cams going to fall to bits or hold your fall? We sent Rob Greenwood hurtling through the air to find out if the Totem Cams were as good as some people say. He survived to bring you this review... "The UKC Gear Testing budget doesn't extent...

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Voluntary recall of Totem Basic Cam

We, Totem MT., are voluntarily recalling all Basic cams with serial numbers starting from 1706200 to 1733205 (as shown in the figure below), which we kindly request you to stop using immediately.

OutDoor 2014 - Climbing Hardware Report

The hardware report is the first in a series of write-ups from 2014's OutDoor Show, where we look at what the future of climbing gear is going to be. This year there are a lot of new and exciting belay devices and a neat development in wired...

Totem Basic Cam

Basic in name only. The Basic Cam uses internal springs and sheath trigger systems to get a narrow head and a very flexible body.

Totem Cam

Totem have thought outside the traditional cam design box to create the Totem Cam with the best holding power of any camming device anywhere.

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