JetBoil Sumo TI Cooking System

JetBoil, Sumo TI, cooking system #3, 20 kb An ideal balance of power, weight, speed and convenience, the all new Sumo TI Group Cooking System is designed to fuel group cooking in the outdoors. It integrates the all weather Sol burner with the high capacity Sumo TI Companion Cup, yielding an unmatched blend of power, convenience, and efficiency for the full range of group backcountry cooking chores, from snow melting to simmering.

Jetboil Sumo TI, 40 kb
Larger groups can take advantage of the multiple cooking pot combos offered by Sumo TI (and the companion bowl set!), while smaller groups can enjoy minimal single pot cooking. Versatile Sumo TI supports a myriad of packing configurations, and is compatible with the full range of JetBoil accessories.

The Sumo TI Group Cooking System redefines backcountry group cooking performance, with a 1.8 litre titanium FluxRing cooking vessel weighing in at 185g, and complete system weight of 345g.


  • 'Thermo-Regulate' technology - consistent heat to –6°C
  • 1.8 litre 'FluxRing' cooking cup
  • Insulating jacket and secure strap
  • Convenient, reliable push-button igniter
  • Pot Support and Stabiliser tripod included
  • Drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer
  • Compatible with all Jetboil Accessories


  • Weight: 345g
  • Volume: 1.8 litre
  • Boil Time: 1 litre = 4mins 15 secs
  • Water boiled: 24 litres per 230g Jetpower canister
  • Dimensions: 125mm x 210mm
Jetboil Sumo TI
How it all stacks inside

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