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The great classic for adventure climbing. Light and free-running for ease of use on long routes, on the crag and in the Alps.

Cobra, 114 kb

Technical and robust enough to sustain the most difficult loadings, it is even better today because it now benefits from all the advantages of the UNICORE technology.

This is the multi-use rope par excellence, if you don't want to own more than one double rope, it's the COBRA II you must have. It has a low impact force (5.1kN) to minimise anchor-point loading, and a sheath of sufficient thickness to withstand the most aggressive rock, all for only 48g and a record number of falls = 16.

Key features

  • Golden Dry treatment - less than 3% water absorption.
  • Excellent compromise between strength and lightness.
  • Low impact force and raised number of falls sustained.
  • The rope doesn't bunch up and remains supple for the long term.
  • Allows escape by abseil even if the sheath is cut.


  • All sorts of mountaineering and adventure climbing use.

About our MOUNTAIN line range

Golden Dry, 143 kb

Specifically developed for climbing in challeging weather conditions found when mountaineering or ice climbing, MOUNTAIN line ropes benefit from 2 treatments: in addition to the sheath's DRY COVER treatment, all core strands are individually treated with water repellent coating. The combination of both treatments creates a GOLDEN DRY rope. All MOUNTAIN line ropes are GOLDEN DRY. They therefore feature the same benefits as our INTENSIVE line ropes, but with minimal water absorption and increased suppleness. All MOUNTAIN line ropes are UIAA WATER REPELLENT accredited, and are constructed using the THERMO FLUID process creating a more compact and supple rope.


  • Water and frost resistant.
  • Very little weight gain in humid conditions.
  • Prevents the rope diameter expanding.
  • Ropes run smoothly through karabiners and belay devices.
  • Abrasion resistance during normal use.


UIAA, 72 kb

The UIAA standard sets the requirements for a rope to qualify as 'UIAA WATER REPELLENT'

Brief summary of tests

A rope sample is subjected to light abrasion over its entire surface, equivalent to a few days' use.

  • It is then soaked for 15 minutes following a precise procedure.
  • The amount of absorbed water must not be greater than 5% of the sample's weight.

A rope that passes this test (in a certified laboratory) qualifies as 'UIAA Water Repellent'.

Beal's Golden Dry ropes easily satisfy UIAA requirement.

Further Information

  • A non-treated rope absorbs around 50% of water in this test.
  • A rope labelled as 'DRY' but with inadequate treatments asorbs between 20 to 40% of water.
  • A UIAA Water Repellent rope absorbs less than 5% water.
  • A BEAL Golden Dry rope absorbs less than 3%.
  • Only the 'UIAA WATER REPELLENT' marking guarentees performance.

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