AKU awarded the EPD Certification for Bellamont Plus Product News

AKU – the high quality, Italian outdoor footwear brand – has been awarded the Environmental Product Declaration Certification [EPD®] for its BELLAMONT PLUS shoe. The Certificate is only awarded to those products that meet its stringent environmental impact guidelines. An international award, the EPD® measures every step of the production process including how the raw materials are produced [upstream], product assembly and distribution [core] and impact at the end of the product's life. The BELLAMONT PLUS is one of AKU's premium travel and urban outdoor models.

The certification process – which stretched over a 12-month period - will give retailers and end-users documented reassurance that AKU has a transparent and responsible approach to its product design and production processes. Going forward the EPD® certification offers a basis from which AKU can plan future development, addressing the most relevant areas of impact, whether that be through more efficient product design or the use of less impactful materials.

AKU puts its accreditation down to the strong and long-term partnerships of its suppliers along the entire supply chain and their tireless commitment to the collection of data in relation to the origin of each, individual component.


This high quality casual outdoor shoe designed to be worn during leisure time, whether that's a gentle hike or a wander around town, comes in chrome-free nubuck leather with a full grain chrome-free leather lining. The midsole and Vibram Predator II Ecostep outsole contain recycled material from rubber processing and the laces are in natural cotton.


  • Upper: Dani Zero Impact nubuck
  • Lining: Dani Zero Impact full grain leather
  • Outsole: Vibram Predator II Ecostep
  • Midsole: Double density recycled EVA
  • Sizes: 3 - 13
  • Colours: Dark brown Leather
  • SRP: £154.95

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An EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. As a voluntary declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact, having an EPD® for a product does not imply that the declared product is environmentally superior to alternatives.

The relevant standard for Environmental Product Declarations is ISO 14025, where they are referred to as "type III environmental declarations". A type III environmental declaration is created and registered in the framework of a program, such as the International EPD® System. An EPD® may be used for many different applications, including green public procurement (GPP) and building assessment schemes. The concept of type III environmental declarations was developed to primarily be used in business-to-business communication, but their use in business-to-consumer communication is not precluded by the standards. All EPD®s registered in the International EPD® System are publically available and free to download on the website www.environdec.com.

23 Nov, 2017
'...for a wander about town...' Why is this shoe even being reviewed on a hill walking / climbing site? What next? Clark's latest offering? Something from Topshop?
23 Nov, 2017
£154?! That's just bonkers for a pair of leather trainers.
23 Nov, 2017
Sounds like another marketing gimmick. "EPDs do not rank products, and the existence of an EPD for a product does not indicate that environmental performance criteria have been met."

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