A New Concept in Belay Devices from Edelrid

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This month sees the UK launch of a new generation of belay devices from German climbing specialists Edelrid. The two new devices – Mega Jul (RRP: £30) and Micro Jul (RRP: £25) are compact, ultra-light, and versatile, built using stainless steel for increased durability. The Mega Jul is suitable for use with half, twin and single ropes with diameters between 7.8mm-10.5mm, whilst the Micro Jul is suitable for half and twin ropes with diameters between 6.9mm-8.5mm, and is the only device certified for use with Edelrid's new 6.9mm Flycatcher ropes – the skinniest and lightest twin ropes in the world.

EDELRID Mega Jul, 62 kb
Mega Jul

EDELRID Micro Jul, 62 kb
Micro Jul

Both devices are suitable for belaying a lead climber, bringing up two seconds or abseiling, with high levels of braking performance to assist the belayer in the event of a leader fall. The unit can be released using a karabiner, when bringing up a partner, by using the small eyelet and rope can be paid out faster by holding the device in the 'open' position with the thumb or a karabiner.

As both the Mega Jul and Micro Jul operate differently from other belay devices on the market, Edelrid have produced a video, which demonstrates the operation of both devices in various modes. See below. There's also a UKC Video on the Micro Jul below.

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This announcement has been read 21,890 times

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