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Morocco Rock is the ‘must have’ and much acclaimed definitive guidebook and a vital tool for any trad climbing trip to Morocco. It has been nominated category finalist at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Awards and contains around 1,000 routes on the north side of the Jebel el Kest and Jebel Taskra mountain ranges near Agadir. This area is only a stone’s throw from Europe, easily accessed in an hour and a half from the airport and includes some of the best ‘sunny winter trad climbing’ to be found anywhere.

The rock climbing on the North Side, which is comprehensively covered by this guide, by consensus, supersedes the original earlier development on the south side of the range. This is due to the huge variety of crags, better and wider choice of venues, each with their own unique character, and the generally more fertile terrain, providing a more picturesque and idyllic backdrop. The diversity of cliff aspects here provide a convenient choice for the climber, allowing for differing climatic conditions and sunny or shady preferences. The climbing is also surprisingly accessible in the main, almost akin to ‘cragging’ in places, with convenient roadside cliffs, as well as more remote and adventurous settings to be found deep into the heart of these ranges.

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Features included within the guide:

  • Detailed and accurate maps to the six major areas by Don Sargeant
  • Precise and informative topos for all the crags, including useful overviews and road junction insets for easy navigation around the area
  • Inspiring action photography, not only of the easily accessible classics, but also of the more remote and esoteric routes
  • An engaging and colorful historical section written by Mike Mortimer, covering the entire development of the area and a heartfelt foreword by Sir Chris Bonington, both enthusiastic pioneers of the region
  • Other information about where to stay, car hire and useful gear to take, as well as interesting notes and photos of local flora, fauna and geology
  • A detailed and comprehensive route index
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Check out the destination article for more info on the region


An added bonus is the free PDF supplement, received when purchasing the guidebook through the website, and which is updated every few months by the industrious authors Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne, meaning that your guidebook never goes out of date!

Morocco Rock Supplement, 187 kb


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