OutDoor 2013 - Rock Shoe Report

Mid-July saw the huge OutDoor Tradeshow descend upon the town of Friedrichshafen in Germany. This is the event of the year for European climbing companies, and there are literally hundreds of brands showing off their shiny new stuff.

One of the highlights for the UKC/UKH team every year is checking out what the rock shoe manufacturers have come up with to improve our footwork, and help us stay on the rock. This report covers the new developments. We have also published reports from OutDoor 2013 on climbing hardwearpacks, mounatin clothing and ropes.

Apache Light from Andrea Boldrini

Satori, Dharma, and the Marduk from Boreal

Technician from Climb X

Climb X rock shoes have been making a slow and steady impact in the UK. For 2014 they are revamping the range for entry level rock shoes and introducing a new Technicien model which is a mid-level rock shoe available in velcro and speed lacing.

OutDoor 2013 - Rock Shoe Report, 99 kb
OutDoor 2013 - Rock Shoe Report

Nexxo from Evolv

New Stealth Rubber from Five Ten

Solution and Hydrogym from La Sportiva

Shark 2.0 from Mad Rock

Mad Rock are gaining an increasing presence in the UK mainly with their range of rock shoes and bouldering mats. One of the most inovative developments we saw at this year's show was their Shark 2.0 shoe with its curious heel construction. The heel-hooking performance of this show was described by Gaz Parry of Mad Rock as "being so good that it felt like cheating".

The Shark 2.0 from Mad Rock, 162 kb
The Shark 2.0 from Mad Rock

Oasi from Tenaya

Spirit and Women's Spirit from Red Chili

New Stix from Scarpa

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