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Punters take on the grit

Goliath's Groove  © Jenni Lees
Goliath's Groove
© Jenni Lees

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1st Jack Pearce 16% 18 Feb
1st Olivern1 16% 18 Feb
2nd Joe middup 6% 8 Oct, 2023
2nd lukecollins661 6% 27 Jan
3rd Danjones1201 1% 16 Sep, 2023

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Pool Wall (obviously).

Pool Wall
Pool Wall (obviously).
© Dan Arkle


© Nadir khan

So, where did you get pumped exactly?

The Rasp
So, where did you get pumped exactly?

The famous crux dyno, Wings of Unreason.

Wings of Unreason
The famous crux dyno, Wings of Unreason.
© Jon Read

Evie Cotrulia on Gorilla Warfare, Curbar, Peak District.

Gorilla Warfare
Evie Cotrulia on Gorilla Warfare, Curbar, Peak District.
© Yann Genoux

Clocking up some airtime on Cover me in chocolate...

Cover Me in Chocolate and Feed Me to the Lesbians
Clocking up some airtime on Cover me in chocolate...
© hamer89


White Wand
© Dan Arkle

Ben Rouse on (just) Nettle Wine

Nettle Wine
Ben Rouse on (just) Nettle Wine
© Ant roberts

Callum eyeing up the dyno on wings

Wings of Unreason
Callum eyeing up the dyno on wings
© Harry Chaplin

London Wall

London Wall
© Will Rupp

Strapadictomy vs. Bruno

Strapadictomy vs. Bruno
© Simon Richardson

Attempting the Rasp

The Rasp
Attempting the Rasp

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Archangel E3 5b *** 401 22m Stanage Plantation
Wall of Sound E6 6b *** 37 16m Stanage Popular
Cool Moon E7 6c *** 45 12m Curbar Edge
Cover Me in Chocolate and Feed Me to the Lesbians E6 6c ** 5 24m Shining Clough
Nosferatu E6 6b *** 308 12m Burbage South Edge
White Wand E5 6a *** 131 22m Stanage Plantation
Ulysses' Bow E6 6b *** 76 20m Stanage Plantation
Appointment with Fear E7 6b *** 8 24m Wimberry Rocks
Messiah E7 6c *** 20 10m Burbage South Edge
Balance It Is E7 6c *** 28 14m Burbage South Edge
Deathwatch E7 6b * 42 10m Ilkley (Cow and...
Mean Streak E6 6b ** 25 12m Froggatt Edge
Epiphany E6 6b ** 9 12m Froggatt Edge
Piece of Mind E6 6b *** 120 12m Roaches Lower Tier
Life Assurance E6 6b ** 133 8m Burbage South Edge
Bat Out of Hell E5 6a *** 156 12m Higgar Tor
Green Death E5 5c *** 84 18m Millstone Edge
Oedipus Ring Your Mother E4 6b ** 217 8m Froggatt Edge
Thin Air E5 6a *** 126 10m Roaches Lower Tier
Wings of Unreason E4 6a *** 555 10m Roaches Skyline
The Brush Off E4 5c *** 418 10m Rivelin Edge
Goliath E4 6a *** 185 10m Burbage South Edge
Great White f7C+ *** 42 ? Curbar Edge
China in Your Hands f7B+ ** 88 ? Gardom's Edge
Ladies' Wall f7C * 11 ? Froggatt Edge
West Side Story f7B+ *** 363 ? Burbage West
Recurring Nightmare E5 6b * 26 8m Burbage South Edge
Pebble Mill E5 6b *** 193 12m Burbage South Edge
Heartless Hare E5 5c ** 290 12m Froggatt Edge
Four Pebble Slab E3 5c * 597 12m Froggatt Edge
The Snivelling Shit E5 6a ** 211 10m Millstone Edge
The Disposable Bubble E4 6b * 33 8m Burbage North
Three Blind Mice E7 6c ** 79 10m Burbage North
Boys Will Be Boys E6 6b ** 11 10m Stanage Plantation
The Knock E4 6a *** 284 8m Burbage South Edge
Long John's Slab E3 5c ** 975 14m Froggatt Edge
Goliath's Groove HVS 5a *** 2490 22m Stanage Plantation
Valkyrie VS 4c *** 3411 40m • 2 Roaches Lower Tier
Sex Drive E4 6b * 4 6m Rivelin Quarries
Viagra HVS 5a * 5 ? Hull Pot
Elegy E2 5c *** 604 16m Roaches Lower Tier
Indoor Fisherman E4 6a *** 167 10m Froggatt Edge
Brown's Eliminate E2 5b *** 1841 16m Froggatt Edge
The Crocodile E3 5c ** 139 12m Gardom's Edge
The Gully Joke E3 5c ** 108 15m Froggatt Edge
Moon Walk E4 6a *** 337 12m Curbar Edge
Tippler Direct E3 6a *** 478 16m Stanage Popular
Waterloo Sunset E3 5c *** 113 18m Gardom's Edge
Downhill Racer E4 6a *** 474 16m Froggatt Edge
Saucius Digitalis E4 6a *** 27 12m Shining Clough
Jasmine E6 6b ** 75 12m Bamford Edge
Fern Hill E2 5c *** 662 12m Cratcliffe Tor
Bachelor's Left-hand HVS 5b *** 651 24m Hen Cloud
Nettle Wine E5 6b *** 75 12m Cratcliffe Tor
Camel Hot E6 6b *** 10 22m Black Rocks
Pool Wall E5 6b *** 143 20m Lawrencefield
Strapadictomy E5 6b *** 370 9m Froggatt Edge
The Rasp E2 5b *** 802 14m Higgar Tor
Peaches E4 6b *** 52 14m Birchen Edge
The Salmon E7 6c * 14 12m Bamford Edge
Silica E3 5c ** 200 12m Stanage Plantation
Auto da Fe E4 6a *** 318 10m Rivelin Edge
White Wall E5 6b *** 180 22m Millstone Edge
Late Junction f7B ** 405 ? Curbar Edge
Street Legal E2 5c * 210 8m Millstone Edge
Gorilla Warfare f7A *** 1785 ? Curbar Edge
Old King Cascade f7B *** 282 ? Froggatt Edge
Born Dabby f7B 15 ? Stanage Plantation
Famous Grouse f7B+ *** 183 ? Burbage West
Finger Distance E3 6b ** 285 9m Curbar Edge
El Vino Collapso E5 6a ** 118 8m Curbar Edge
Blood and Guts on Botty Street E5 6b * 40 8m Millstone Edge
Autumn Wall E4 6a *** 139 12m Wharncliffe Crags
Kayak Direct Finish E2 5c * 78 8m Curbar Edge
Kaluza Klein E7 6c *** 50 ? Robin Hood's...
Big Air E6 6b ** 145 ? Stanage Plantation
Genocide E6 6c *** 23 8m Cratcliffe Tor
Ai No Corrida E5 6a ** 61 8m Burbage North
Zorev f7C ** 22 ? Burbage South...
Ben's Wall f7C *** 61 ? Curbar Edge
Ben's Wall f7C ** 142 ? Robin Hood's...
The Driven Bow E7 6c * 11 8m Hen Cloud
Benign Lives E7 6c ** 79 8m Froggatt Edge
Charlotte Rampling E6 6b ** 21 10m Gardom's Edge
Hired Goons E8 6c ** 1 10m Gardom's Edge
White Water E6 6c ** 25 7m Curbar Edge
Albert Spansworthy E5 6b * - 8m Gardom's Edge
London Wall E5 6a *** 250 22m Millstone Edge
Top Loader E7 6c *** 24 28m Millstone Edge
355 e, 212 stars 24,537 988m 90
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