New Wild Country Helium Friends - In Stores Soon

For only the third time in 33 years Friends have truly changed. The new Helium Friend is the strongest and lightest Friend ever, building on the unique heritage of the most inspired, innovative and copied product in climbing. Stylish, dynamic and ergonomic; the Helium Friend is designed to be the ultimate Friend and has been superbly re-engineered to achieve this aim.

Helium Friends Full set from 0 - 4, 118 kb
Helium Friends Full set from 0 - 4
© Wild Country

Helium Set 0 - 4, 136 kb
Helium Set 0 - 4
© Wild Country

Helium Set 1,2,3..., 64 kb
Helium Set 1,2,3...
© Wild Country
At the head, radically revised new hot forged cam lobes shed weight without loss of strength, create more range per unit and optimize the overlaps between sizes. At the base, a new thumb loop, trigger and sling combine to give a smoother action with more reach and extra clipping points.

The Helium Friend redefines ease of use. As testament to the first Friends, the Helium stays true to the original, key, immutable concepts, those features Friends did first and best, that have been proved time and again since day one. So the Helium keeps a slick single stem and predictable singleaxle, a 'floating' trigger design and the awesome holding power of our 13.75 degree cam angle.

It is this mix of old and new, classic and radical, of experience and proven design that makes the Helium Friend the most complete cam there is. This is the Friend that completes the sharpest lightest racks, the Friend for the hardest sends and the most insane cracks; the Friend to lead the next generation.

The Helium Friend is built in the UK with an intelligent mix of cool new features while retaining the classic tried and tested features of the product that helped shape climbing...

Helium Friend essentials

  • Up to 6% lighter per unit
  • Up to 20% more range per unit
  • Bigger overlaps with adjacent unit
  • Bigger overlaps with alternate units
  • Longer reach and deeper placements
  • Smoother triggering
  • Nine units

Helium Friend new features

  • New hot forged cam head
  • New thumb loop
  • New trigger
  • New moulded thumb grip
  • New springs
  • New trigger stop
  • New stem cover
  • New size label
  • New low profile riveting
  • New 12mm dyneema sling
  • New short termination

Helium Friend classic features

Tom Randall Friend Testing Ph Ian Parnell, 203 kb
Tom Randall Friend Testing Ph Ian Parnell
© Wild Country
  • Original single stem design
  • Original single axle design
  • Original 13.75 camming angle
  • Full strength camstops
  • Full floating trigger

Helium Friends will retail between £52 and £55 and sets of 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 1, 2, 3 will also be available priced at discounted prices.

Read more about the new Helium Friend here:

Download a PDF with all Helium Friend info here:

Download Wild Country's 2011 Workbook here with all our new gear:

Download The Cam Book - Wild Country's exclusive guide to Friends and camming here:

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