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We're still recovering from ISPO in Munich, one of the biggest outdoor tradeshows in the world. We were there to take a look at some of the newest and best outdoor gear available.

Following on from our HUGE Outdoor Clothing Report, we take a look at a few exciting footwear developments from some of the top climbing and hiking brands. We've got rock shoes, mountain boots and ... sandals!

Anasazi Lace-up from Five Ten

Dave Kassel gives us the low down on one of the most famous climbing shoes ever made - the Anasazi lace-up. The 'Pink' is back!

The new version sports a new heel cup, and is slightly narrower. These are available from this coming spring. Whether you remember the launch of the Pink the first time around or not, you'll surely know of quite a few hard routes that were climbed wearing these design classics. Will the new ones live up to expectations? We can't wait to find out.

Techno X and Booster S from Scarpa

Steve Roberts shows us the Techno X and Booster S from legendary footwear company Scarpa.

The awesome looking Techno X is available in shops right about now, and is completely flat lasted. This gives it comfort, but this shoe is also designed for some serious performance.

The Booster was a very classic Scarpa shoe and they have brought it back with the new Booster S. These have a new system called TR3. If you want to know more - check out Steve in the video below. These look just the job for some steep action. These will retail at £130, and are due out in the coming autumn. Keep an eye out for some early release ones though, you might be able to get some around July time.

The Trango Cube from La Sportiva

La Sportiva have a huge following when it comes to mountain boots and rock shoes. Here we look at the awesome Trango Cube. We've got some of the sexy new La Sportiva Trango Cube and the Nepal Cube GTX boots coming for a test on UKC in the next few months, keep your eyes peeled. We fondled them at ISPO, and they are LIGHT! It's great to see a design classic like the La Sportiva Nepal revamped and looking better than ever.

Also of interest from La Sportiva, and getting rave reviews, are the all new ski touring boots the Spectre. These have flown out of the shops, so much so that you might struggle to get a pair, they really have sold like hot cakes. Anyone out there tried a pair? We'd love to!


La Sportiva Spectre, 93 kb
La Sportiva Spectre
© UKC Gear
La Sportiva Trango Cube, 79 kb
La Sportiva Trango Cube
© UKC Gear
La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX, 87 kb
La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX
© UKC Gear


Terra Fi from Teva

The Terra Fi sandals from Teva looked like bombproof classics from the brand that is always associated with this type of footwear. We saw loads of shoes, trainers, and all sorts at the show, but these stood out. Teva are in their 30th year of sandal manufacturing, so you would hope they have got it right. These £65 beauties are available this coming spring and feature a shock absorbing pad in the heel as well as some anti smell technology. Would it work on a climber's feet?!

Teva Terra Fi Sandals, 87 kb
Teva Terra Fi Sandals
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