West Country Climbs

West Country Climbs Rockfax Cover
Author Mark Glaister
Published Rockfax (2010)
ISBN 978-1-873341-37-7

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West Country Climbs is a major Rockfax guide to one of the UK’s most celebrated, sunny and diverse climbing regions. The book is fashioned in Rockfax’s award-winning layout and design, and copiously illustrated with action photographs of the climbs and cliffs that reflect the quality and variety of climbing experiences to be had on offer in the UK’s most popular holiday destination - the West Country.

This is a selected route and buttress guidebook which covers the best 900 routes from the crags listed below.

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West Country Climbs Rockfax (2022)

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Crags covered by this Guide
Avon crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Avon Gorge (Main Area) 260 Limestone W
Avon Gorge (Sea Walls Area) 416 Limestone SW
Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge Area) 193 Limestone W
Portishead Quarry 78 Limestone SE
Cornwall crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Bass Point 85 Mica schist W
Bosigran 168 Granite W
Bosigran Ridge Area 28 Granite W
Carn Barra 152 Granite SW
Carn Gowla 167 Greenstone W
Carn Lês Boel Area 54 Granite S
Chair Ladder 169 Granite S
Cheesewring Quarry 189 Granite S
Coastguard Cliffs 50 Mica schist SE
Compass Point (Bude) 67 Culm S
Cribba Head 38 Granite SW
Devil's Jump 5 Granite S
Doyden Point 13 Pillow lava W
Fox Promontory 45 Granite SW
Great Zawn 50 Granite W
Gull Rock - Marsland 52 Culm W
Gurnard's Head 39 Greenstone W
Kenidjack Cliffs 47 Killas slate SE
Lands End 183 Granite W
Lower Sharpnose Point 102 Culm ?
Oldwalls' Point 9 Culm N
Pen Olver 80 Amphibiolite & S SW
Pentire Point 143 Pillow lava N
Pordenack Point Area 83 Granite SW
Porthgwarra Buttress and Hella Point 39 Granite S
Robin's Rocks 19 Greenstone NW
Roche Rock 76 Granite ?
Sennen 180 Granite W
St. Loy Cliff 75 Granite S
Tater-du 114 Greenstone S
Tintagel Head 25 Volcanic tuff W
Trewavas 140 Granite S
Vessacks West 28 Granite SW
Vicarage Cliff 63 Culm W
Zawn Duel and Carn Gloose Area 27 Killas slate NW
Zawn Kellys Area 28 Granite W
Zennor Cliff 40 Killas slate W
Devon crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Anstey's Cove 154 Limestone S
Baggy Point 186 Culm SW
Bench Tor 41 Granite all
Berry Head - Coastguard Cliffs 180 Limestone S
Berry Head - The Old Redoubt 132 Limestone E
Blackchurch 44 Culm NW
Chudleigh Rocks - South Face 190 Limestone S
Daddyhole Main Cliff 54 Limestone E
Dyers Lookout 51 Culm W
Haytor 77 Granite all
Hound Tor 220 Granite all
Long Quarry Point 100 Limestone E
Meadfoot Quarry 26 Limestone SE
Screda Point 42 Culm S
Sheeps Tor 43 Granite all
Smoothlands 45 Culm NW
Spekes Mill Mouth and Brownspear Point 52 Culm N
The Dewerstone 163 Granite S
Torbryan Quarry 46 Limestone W
Dorset crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Blackers Hole 82 Limestone S
Blacknor North 131 Limestone W
Blacknor South 81 Limestone W
Boulder Ruckle 291 Limestone S
Coastguard North 60 Limestone W
Fisherman's Ledge 134 Limestone S
Subluminal and Lighthouse Cliff 135 Limestone S
The Cuttings 176 Limestone SE
The Promenade 149 Limestone S
Wallsend South 136 Limestone W
Somerset crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Brean Down 98 Limestone S
Split Rock (Milton Hill Quarry) 38 Limestone NW
Uphill Quarry 59 Limestone W

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