Armaid - For Damaged Or Tired Arms

Armaid is a self-massage device that gets right to the source of elbow problems.

Armaid, 69 kb

Early in 2012, Paul Twomey was looking for a way to sort out his chronic elbow tendenosis, caused by 20+ years of hard training and climbing.

He came across Armaid when a friend in Australia told him of a product he'd used to treat his own elbows. After some more research, Paul ordered one from the US and got to work on his arms.

Within a couple of months, and with advice and treatment from a physio, his arms were massively improved. We decided to start importing Armaid and selling it in the UK.

Paul's written up his experiences on the TCA website here.

There are videos of how to use the Armaid, and other reviews on our shop website (link below), so if you suffer from bad elbows, or you want to avoid suffering from them, take a look.

For more information visit The Climbing Academy
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