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The latest version of the Rockfax App brings even more great areas to your iPhone as well as adding some useability improvements. (Android Version available in Autumn 2016).


Kalymnos on the Rockfax App, 49 kb

This amazing island is on most climbers' holiday destination tick list for the great sport climbing it offers in a wonderful mediterranean climate. Chris Craggs has put together a full guide which covers a staggering 2,601 routes across the island making it the most extensive guide currently available. It covers all the crags including the northern bays, the Vathy Valley, around Pothia and Telendos as well as the main areas above Massouri and Arginonta.

The App version is now available via the Crags tab > Downloads - download the free App now. Kalymnos is available as a single book bundle for £14.99 or as 17 individual bundles.

Bolt Fund Donations - We are working together with The Send (who produce an alternative App for the island) to pool our resources and make a single donation from the proceeds to the Rescue Team on the island. They carry out some bolting work in addition to their role as the rescue service and are always in need of financial support.

North Wales Winter

North Wales Winter on the Rockfax App, 112 kb

With the weather cooling down we could get a winter climbing season after all. If so then the North Wales Winter bundle on the App could be all you need. It covers the best and most reliable venues for winter climbing in North Wales including the classic gullies of the Trinity Face ( Clogwyn y Garnedd and the rarely-formed but absolutely essential ice climbs of Cascade and Central Icefall Direct on Craig y Rhaeadr in the Llanberis Pass. Also covered are the major ice lines of Devils Kitchen (Cwm Idwal) - (Clogwyn y Geifr), the modern mixed climbs of Clogwyn Du Ymhen Y Glyder and the huge cliff of Ysgolion Duon (Black Ladders) which rivals anything in Scotland and is home to long and committing adventures that give a full and tiring day out.

This App version has all you need to find and assess the best routes whenever they are in 'nick'. It is now available via the Crags tab > Downloads - download the free App now. North Wales Winter is available as a single bundle for £4.99.

Haute Provence

Haute Provence on the Rockfax App, 90 kb

In answer to the question 'where is the best sport climbing in the world?', you would be hard pushed to beat the set of crags in the Rockfax France : Haute Provence book. Ceuse (Céüse) and Buoux have few peers, add to that Saint Leger, Orpierre, Baume Rousse, Ubrieux, Saint Julien and Les Dentelles plus another few minor crags and you have a set to match anything on offer elsewhere.

This has all been added to the Rockfax App and is now available via the Crags tab > Downloads - download the free App now. Haute Provence is available as a single bundle for £19.99 or 11 smaller bundles.

Bolt Funds - We have no formal relationship with any of the areas covered but welcome approaches from local climbers.

The North Face of the Eiger

This is not really a full guide since it only covers one route, but it is the famous The 1938 Route and it is free to so check it out via the Crags tab > Downloads.

App Version 1.2 – 5 February 2016

itunes app store download logo, 5 kbSince the start of the year we have added nearly 10,000 routes to the App on Mallorca, Kalymnos, Rjukan, Haute Provence, North Wales Winter and the Eiger. It now has access to 28,589 routes on 580 crags. Next up is Côte d'Azur and Languedoc Roussillon in France.

Main Additions in Version 1.2

+ Crags and bundles now appear under the country where they are located
+ Opening an offline map will zoom in to show you current crag
+ Crags now include more detailed grade breakdown summaries

Current Areas Covered

Ariege, Catalunya*, Clwyd Limestone, Costa Blanca, Dolomites, Dorset (Sport and Trad), Dorset Bouldering, Eastern Grit, Eiger*, Gower Sport Climbing, Haute Provence, Kalymnos*, Lofoten*, Mallorca, Northern Limestone, North Wales Climbs, North Wales Winter, Peak Limestone, Pembroke, Rjukan*, West Country Climbs
* App-only areas

In preparation

Cote d’Azur, Languedoc Roussillon, El Chorro, Western Grit, Northern England

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