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Moorland Grit - The Essential Selection (Over The Moors) ticklist

contributed by Graeme Hammond Aug/13

Apparently the 400 best routes at their grade from the excellent Over the Moors guide. (I expect some routes have been put in to entice you to some of the more esoteric venue. Hope you enjoy and explore, I know I intend to once I can walk again. Graeme)

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The Ravenstones Stomach Traversenone ***645mThe Ravenstones
Wilderness Gully East (Summer)M **161150mWilderness Rocks
Downfall ClimbM **9260mKinder Downfall
StaircaseM **11624mLaddow
Great Slab ChimneyD *19710mAlderman Rocks
Trinnacle ChimneyM *4210mThe Ravenstones
Crack and ChimneyM *4214mDovestones Edge
Capstone ChimneyM *5014mDovestones Edge
Spike ChimneyD **2116mKinder Downfall
The RainbowD *6610mShining Clough
PlumpyHD *108mKinder Southern...
The SlabD *179mKinder Southern...
Professor' ChimneyD *2614mKinder Downfall
June ClimbD *6114mDovestones Edge
AmenVD **23310mPule Hill Rocks
Zig-zagVD ***17918mKinder Downfall
Downfall South CornerVD **2340mKinder Downfall
Two Penny TubeVD **222mKinder Downfall
The Wall of Evening LightVD **710mRollick Stones
Southern ArêteVD **2412mLaddow
Nail BiteVD *108mKinder Southern...
Letter-boxVD **23110mRob's Rocks
Ylnosd RibHVD ***8412mRob's Rocks
Central TowerVD **24218mDovestones Edge
Waterfall Climb (Summer)VD *4360m• 4Dovestones Quarry
Rib and FaceVD **26420m• 2Alderman Rocks
CridgeVD *48mThe Ravenstones
Mark IVD *1412mThe Ravenstones
Rimsky RidgeVD **49mThe Ravenstones
Sloping CrackHVD *3810mWimberry Rocks
The ArêteVD **3024mMillstone Buttress...
Long ClimbS 4a ***30035m• 2Laddow
Starvation ChimneyS 3c **4218mWimberry Rocks
Tower RidgeVD *8226mDovestones Edge
Answer CrackHVD ***41212mDovestones Edge
Bertie's BugbearS 4a ***20818mWimberry Rocks
Mottled GrooveS **2530mDovestones Quarry
A-lu-te (Summer)S *2360m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Safety PlinS 4a *812mThe Ravenstones
Squirmer's ChimneyS 4a ***3012mWimberry Rocks
Overhanging ArêteHVD 4a *1418mPule Hill Rocks
Flying ButtressHS 4b **40812mPule Hill Rocks
Great Slab ArêteS 4a *19110mAlderman Rocks
VivienS 4a **27816mStanding Stones
Razor CrackS 4a *4012mKinder Northern...
Natural RouteHS 4a **138mShooter's Nab
Nil DesperandumS 4a **6012mThe Ravenstones
CascadeHS 4a **1118mRob's Rocks
The Great ChimneyHS 4b **4618mKinder Downfall
Pillar RidgeHS 4b ***12220m• 2Laddow
Upper Tor WallHS 4b ***24418mKinder Southern...
Nasal ButtressHS 4b ***36116mDovestones Edge
The Left MonolithHS 4b ***13512mThe Ravenstones
Cooper's CrackS 4b **12712mDovestones Edge
Scooper DooperHS 4b **524mKinder Northern...
Pondweed CrackHS 4b *1212mBareholme Crag
Weaver's CrackHS 4b *836mRunning Hill Pits
The Mermaid's RidgeVS 4c ***7130m• 2Kinder Downfall
Route IHS 4b ***42318mWimberry Rocks
Flake Groove TraverseVS 4a **516mWilderness Rocks
The Jolsen FinishVS 4b *612mKinder Downfall
Pocket WallVS 4b *1812mKinder Southern...
Pocket WallVS 4c *724mKinder Downfall
Nameless OneVS 4b *12010mRob's Rocks
Extinguisher ChimneyVS 4c ***1318mKinder Downfall
Stairway ArêteVS 4a *328mRob's Rocks
Left EmbrasureVS 4b **11416mDovestones Edge
West Wall TraverseVS 4b **1012mThe Ravenstones
Noddy's WallVS 4b *9712mDovestones Edge
Twin Crack CornerVS 4b ***33816mStanding Stones
Blanco Direct (Summer)VS 4b *1835mDovestones Quarry
Oasis CrackVS 4b **810mWilderness Rocks
Great SlabVS 4c ***27320m• 2Alderman Rocks
Red WingVS 4c **3912mWorlow Quarry
Square ButtressVS 5a *1318mPule Hill Rocks
Crew's RouteVS 4c ***125212mHobson Moor Quarry
Crikey CrackVS 4c *4911mJohn Henry Quarry
The Best Bit of Rock in GlossopVS 4c **249mBlackshaw Quarry
Phoenix ClimbVS 4c ***49826mShining Clough
Pisa DirectHVS 5a **6524mShining Clough
Leaf ButtressVS 4c **4040mLaddow
Tower FaceVS 5a ***23018mLaddow
West's CrackVS 4c **1311mBareholme Crag
Herford's RouteHVS 5a ***6718mKinder Southern...
Central RouteVS 4c **3020mKinder Southern...
Temptation CrackVS 4b *822mDovestones Skyline
The Venessa HoleVS 4c *99mDovestones Skyline
The KrakenVS 4c *512mCracken Edge...
Fairy NuffVS 4c ***21218mStanding Stones
Womanless WallVS 4c ***16118mStanding Stones
Rimmon ArêteVS 4c **212mThe Ravenstones
Pocked WallVS 4c **18110mStanding Stones
Tiny TimVS 4c *2516mDovestones Quarry
SurpriseVS 4b **16614mWimberry Rocks
Misty WallVS 4b ***15214mKinder Northern...
DunsinaneVS 4c **10316mKinder Northern...
ExodusVS 4c *1018mKinder Northern...
Canton ArêteVS 4c *58mKinder Northern...
Gremlin GrooveVS 4c *5614mShining Clough
Three Notch SlabVS 4c **14512mDen Lane Quarry
Plumb LineVS 4c ***34414mRunning Hill Pits
Coffin CrackVS 4c **12716mWimberry Rocks
Wedgewood CrackVS 4c ***5424mThe Ravenstones
Scoop WallVS 5a **988mPule Hill Rocks
The Great ScoopVS 5a **13518mPule Hill Rocks
Moneylender's CrackVS 5a ***4418mKinder Southern...
Flash WallVS 5a ***9222mKinder Southern...
Scratchnose CrackVS 5a **5816mStanding Stones
Ornithologist's CornerVS 5a ***20812mWimberry Rocks
Jester CracksHVS 5a ***10816mKinder Northern...
GideonHVS 5a **60314mHobson Moor Quarry
Don't Look BackHVS 5a **426mKinder Downfall
Slipoff SlabVS 4c *6412mDovestones Edge
Herringbone SlabHVS 4c **6910mWimberry Rocks
Mammoth SlabHVS 5a **5514mDovestones Edge
SweatymanHVS 5a **7322mShooter's Nab
The Big FleaHVS 5a *429m• 2Crowden Great Quarry
Mega FactorHVS 5a *7214mPule Hill Rocks
Square Buttress CrackHVS 5a **-11mKinder Downfall
Candle ButtressHVS 5a *1518mKinder Downfall
The Ensemble ExitHVS 5a **418mKinder Downfall
Parker's EliminateHVS 5a ***107814mHobson Moor Quarry
Qui-Mal-y-PenseHVS 5a *49mYellowslacks
The MuzzleHVS 5a **812mShelf Benches
BuffaloHVS 5a **812mShelf Benches
Alcove CrackHVS 5a ***63820mNew Mills Torrs
East RibHVS 5a ***32714mShining Clough
Pisa Super DirectHVS 5a ***43020mShining Clough
Deer HunterHVS 5a **28mDeer Knowl
Priscilla RidgeHVS 5a ***7720mLaddow
The Jungle V.I.P.HVS 5a *59mKinder Southern...
Camel's ArêteHVS 5a **58mWilderness Rocks
Ace of SpadesHVS 5a *2715mDovestones Quarry
Crispy CrackHVS 5a *988mAlderman Rocks
HowHVS 5a *2616mUpperwood Quarry
LeprechaunerHVS 5a *416mStanding Stones
Trinnacle EastHVS 5a **5012mThe Ravenstones
NecrosisHVS 5a *315mKinder Northern...
LegacyHVS 5a ***21820mKinder Northern...
Punch's NoseHVS 5a **612mKinder Northern...
Daddy CrackHVS 5a *138mKinder Northern...
StratusHVS 5a *412mBareholme Crag
BowspritHVS 5a *325mCrowden Great Quarry
The Emergence of TalosHVS 5a *531mCrowden Great Quarry
The Thin ManHVS 5a *1233mCrowden Great Quarry
Famous GrouseHVS 5a *910mBlack Cloughs
Orchestral CrackHVS 5a *5714mDen Lane Quarry
The PoppleHVS 5b **8518mDen Lane Quarry
The Shabby TigerHVS 5a **2228m• 2Crowden Great Quarry
Ricochet WallE1 5b ***12620mShooter's Nab
Kilkenny RibHVS 5b ***111mKinder Downfall
ScroogeHVS 5b **2611mWormstones
PsychoHVS 5b **159mWormstones
Brahma WallHVS 5b *28mKinder Southern...
Mortgage WallHVS 5b *420mKinder Southern...
The Roman NoseVS 4b *924mKinder Southern...
Freddie's FinaleHVS 5b ***12414mWimberry Rocks
The TridentE1 5b ***10320mWimberry Rocks
Blue Light's CrackE1 5b **4616mWimberry Rocks
Forked TongueHVS 5b *2916mUpperwood Quarry
Piece of PieHVS 5b *2214mStanding Stones
Raven RibHVS 5a **1110mThe Ravenstones
Yellow CrackHVS 5c *3212mDovestones Edge
Ashop CrackE2 5b ***3418mKinder Northern...
IntestateE1 5b ***8918mKinder Northern...
Twisted SmileHVS 5a ***10916mKinder Northern...
ScimitarHVS 5b **4620mTintwistle Knarr
39ft SpecialHVS 5b *-12mRake's Rocks
DeceptionHVS 5b **1112mPots and Pans...
Liquid AcrobatHVS 5b *1310mPots and Pans...
Overlapping WallHVS 5b **712mBroadbottom Quarry
Pulpit RidgeHVS 4c **6016mThe Ravenstones
Sniffer DogE1 5b *5114mThe Ravenstones
Cave Arête IndirectE1 5b **4818mLaddow
EagleE1 5b **2012mWorlow Quarry
DelilahE1 5b **3518mPule Hill Rocks
Finger in the VolcanoE1 5b **46mKinder Downfall
Domino WallE1 5b *618mKinder Downfall
Raggald's WallE1 5a **1218mKinder Downfall
Dum Spiro, SperoE1 5b *27mYellowslacks
King of the SwingersE1 5b **4926mNew Mills Torrs
The Bloody TowerE1 5b *312mCracken Edge...
One Way TicketE1 5b *58mBuxworth Railway...
Missing, Presumed GreyE1 5b *224mOldpits Quarry
GalileoE1 5c **17718mShining Clough
The WandE1 5b **312mRollick Stones
Acorn WallE1 5b *36mCrowden Castles
Shy Ann ArêteE1 5b **910mBareholme Crag
One Quick PeekE1 5b *310mCrowden Great Quarry
Dour PowerE2 5b 68mKinder Southern...
NightshiftE1 5b **413mKinder Southern...
Gillott's PointE1 5b **713mKinder Southern...
The Powers That BeE1 5b **311mKinder Southern...
Byne's CrackE1 5b **915mKinder Southern...
West's Routef5+ **63?Wimberry Rocks
Rookery NookE1 5b *210mKinder Southern...
The Ivory TowerE1 5b ***6822mKinder Southern...
BrutalityE1 5b **816mKinder Southern...
Never Say Nether AgainE1 5b **227mKinder Southern...
The JugE1 5b **211mDovestones Skyline
White Wall DirectE1 5b **1717mDovestones Quarry
Gatepost CrackE1 5b **2020mDovestones Quarry
Draft BassE2 5c **130mDovestones Quarry
Piece of PipeHVS 5b *2218mUpperwood Quarry
Fallen HeroesE1 5b ***11812mStanding Stones
Ocean WallE1 5b ***13216mStanding Stones
TitanicE1 5b ***16mMiddle Edge Rocks
The Trouble with Women is....E1 5b **6414mStanding Stones
April FoolE1 5b *87mRob's Rocks
FlycatcherE1 5b **510mKinder Northern...
The Savage BreastE1 5b *1514mKinder Northern...
Mummy CrackE1 5b *68mKinder Northern...
Two Sixty-Nines PleaseE1 5b **118mKinder Northern...
PoteenE1 5b **1920mTintwistle Knarr
Ride the WavesE1 5b *325mCrowden Great Quarry
Vapour TrailE1 5b *28mRollick Stones
47 Not OutE2 5b *512mJohn Henry Quarry
Anthropomorphism GrooveE1 5b *314mShelf Benches
FelixE1 5b *512mShelf Benches
CratosE1 5b *212mCracken Edge...
TapiolaE1 5b **39mShooter's Nab
I See a Dark CloudE1 5b **1319mShooter's Nab
The WilterE1 5b **5624mDen Lane Quarry
GargantuaE1 5b **1714mRunning Hill Pits
SodomE1 5c *13612mRunning Hill Pits
GomorrahE1 5b **19212mRunning Hill Pits
Kremlin WallE1 5c **4214mStanding Stones
Wits' EndE1 5c *3814mStanding Stones
Pinball WizardE1 5b **1428mWimberry Rocks
A Fist Full of DaggersE2 6b *148mRunning Hill Pits
NaadenE1 5b *4812mShining Clough
Elder WallE2 5b 215mBroadbottom Quarry
GodspellE2 5b **3516mPule Hill Rocks
The Last FlingE2 5b *1312mKinder Downfall
Desperate StraightsE2 5b **614mJohn Henry Quarry
Aurora BorealisE2 5b *314mJohn Henry Quarry
Mather CrackE2 5b **31022mNew Mills Torrs
Heavy DutyE2 5b **5818mNew Mills Torrs
Easter RidgeE2 5b **512mLaddow
The Stone TreeE2 5b **610mBlack Cloughs
ArabiaE3 5c ***2420mKinder Southern...
Hanging CrackE2 5b ***5716mDovestones Edge
TurtleE1 5b **3718mUpperwood Quarry
Adios AmigoE2 5b *1020mUpperwood Quarry
Ferdie's FollyE1 5b *1514mDovestones Edge
Mustard WallsE2 5c **1916mKinder Northern...
Easter BunnyE2 5b *512mLaddow
Hanging SlabE2 5b **16018mHobson Moor Quarry
A Merkin WayE2 5b **413mShooter's Nab
Spanner WallE2 5c ***12014mRunning Hill Pits
WindbreakerE2 5b **716mRunning Hill Pits
Trundle WarfareE2 5c **435mCrowden Great Quarry
One Shot DealE2 5c **410mNab End
Independence CrackE2 5c *218mKinder Downfall
Rated SteepE3 5c **215mJohn Henry Quarry
For Ken HillE2 5c *510mBlackshaw Quarry
Guilty as ChargedE2 5c *19mYellowslacks
Electric CircusE3 5c **21226mNew Mills Torrs
Never Mind the RollicksE2 5c **310mRollick Stones
Violent OutburstE2 5b *712mKinder Southern...
RobertE2 5c **1116mKinder Southern...
PietyE2 5c ***1120mWimberry Rocks
BlasphemyE2 5c ***12514mWimberry Rocks
Friction AddictionE1 5c **2612mDovestones Edge
Britt's CleavageE1 5b **312mKinder Northern...
CassandraE2 5c *216mKinder Northern...
The ArêteE2 5c ***10922mTintwistle Knarr
CrescendoE2 5c **824mShooter's Nab
Sticky FingersE1 5b 1410mRunning Hill Pits
Age ConcernE2 6a **-16mDovestones Quarry
Big BrotherE2 5c ***3218mKinder Northern...
Winsomef7A+ ***19?Wimberry Rocks
Sickbay ShuffleE3 5b **1722mWimberry Rocks
The ArêteE2 5b **6522mNew Mills Torrs
Weaver's WallE3 5b **998mRunning Hill Pits
Great ExpectationsE3 5c **5218mHobson Moor Quarry
Anything for a Quiet LifeE3 5c **215mShelf Benches
Pussy GaloreE3 5c **711mWormstones
The CharlatanE3 6a **212mPots and Pans...
The PrimerE3 5c **1122mCrowden Great Quarry
Beautiful LosersE3 6a **322mKinder Southern...
CharmE3 5c **778mWimberry Rocks
The SprogE2 5c **1114mDovestones Skyline
'Ard VarkE4 5c **59mWilderness Rocks
The GibbetE3 5c *416mDovestones Edge
Iron RoadE2 5c *2016mUpperwood Quarry
True GritE3 5c ***3918mThe Ravenstones
Stranger than FrictionE3 5c **1020mThe Ravenstones
Seer's ArêteE3 5c *-7mDovestones Skyline
The GracelandE3 5c *412mWilderness Rocks
HermaphroditeE3 5c **-15mKinder Northern...
The Les Dawson ShowE3 5c *2312mKinder Northern...
Candle in the WindE3 5c **1616mKinder Northern...
Sinn FeinE3 5c **622mTintwistle Knarr
WolverineE3 5c **212mBlack Tor
Verge of ExtinctionE3 5c *17mDeer Knowl
The Redemption of a Grit Pegging AntichristE3 5c *918mNew Mills Torrs
PhaestusE4 5c **238mRunning Hill Pits
Flame in the WestE3 5c **526m• 2Crowden Great Quarry
The Dark Side of the MoonE3 5c ***718mKinder Downfall
Final JudgementE3 5c ***320mKinder Downfall
Heaven SentE3 6a **414mKinder Downfall
AnorexiaE3 6a **214mBuxworth Railway...
The Big WallE3 6a **3320mShining Clough
The Smear HunterE3 6a *17mDeer Knowl
Well SuitedE3 5c **310mKinder Southern...
The Ocean's BorderE3 6a **814mStanding Stones
Welcome to Greenfield, Gateway to the ValleyE3 6a **616mThe Ravenstones
HarlequinE3 6a *514mKinder Northern...
Nil Carborundum IlligitimumE3 5c *1022mTintwistle Knarr
The Little SpillikinE3 6a *722mTintwistle Knarr
DrizzleE2 6a **14814mHobson Moor Quarry
The Slow RoadE3 6a **310mNab End
Long Wall EliminateE3 6a *714mDen Lane Quarry
Mangled DigitE3 6a ***8214mRunning Hill Pits
The Girdle Traverse of Hobson MoorE4 6a *160m• 3Hobson Moor Quarry
Yarn SpinnerE4 6c 88mRunning Hill Pits
Warriors of the MindE4 5c *120mOldpits Quarry
DelilahE4 5c **-14mDeer Knowl
AuchentoshanE4 5c **-9mLaddow
Oh No! It's Heavy DutyE4 5c **222mCrowden Great Quarry
Fashion StatementE5 6a **114mKinder Southern...
The WastelandE4 5c **1020mDovestones Skyline
Northern BalletE3 5b **1716mWimberry Rocks
The Dedicated Follower of FashionE4 5c *-12mKinder Northern...
ExfoliationE4 5c **1212mPots and Pans...
Gable EndE5 6a **2218mHobson Moor Quarry
Dynamite HotE3 6a **-9mYellowslacks
Bionic's WallE4 6a **11018mNew Mills Torrs
Crowden PillarE4 6a **620mCrowden Great Quarry
Edale BobbyE5 6a ***616mKinder Southern...
Bob HopeE4 6a ***2915mDovestones Quarry
RenaissanceE4 6a ***1420mUpperwood Quarry
Smuggling PeanutsE4 6a **-12mStanding Stones
DeborahE4 6a **28mKinder Northern...
SpacerunnerE4 6a *-18mKinder Northern...
Guns and DrumsE4 6a **426mTintwistle Knarr
PerestroikaE4 6a **219mCrowden Great Quarry
Fourth Round, Fourth MinuteE4 6a *18mShooter's Nab
Calamity CrackE4 6a ***3214mRunning Hill Pits
Scorched EarthE4 6b ***818mOldpits Quarry
AndromedaE4 6b **214mKinder Southern...
WinterE4 6b **17mKinder Southern...
War of the RosesE4 6b *317mPule Hill Rocks
TomahawkE4 6a *116mUpperwood Quarry
Northern PassingE4 6c **17mRob's Rocks
Time Will Be No MoreE5 6a **-8mWormstones
Saucius DigitalisE4 6a ***1912mShining Clough
Sagittarius FlakeE5 6b **3210mRunning Hill Pits
Tonight with Alan PartridgeE5 6a **327mCrowden Great Quarry
Club ClassE5 6b *112mKinder Southern...
Consolation PrizeE5 6a ***1712mWimberry Rocks
Space ShuffleE4 6a **322mWimberry Rocks
ZugzwangE5 6a **-14mCrowden Great Quarry
SemiE5 6b **-10mKinder Downfall
Hallelujah ChorusE5 6b *1518mNew Mills Torrs
T' Big SurreyE5 6b **310mKinder Southern...
Waiting for an AlibiE5 6b *118mUpperwood Quarry
Over the MoorsE5 6b **1016mThe Ravenstones
Scoop de GraceE5 7a ***212mRunning Hill Pits
Natural Born ChillersE6 6a **416mKinder Northern...
The Pollen CountE5 6b *-15mShelf Benches
Double TakeE6 6b **218mWimberry Rocks
Neptune's ToolE6 6c ***420mWimberry Rocks
BloodrushE6 6b ***1816mShining Clough
No Time to PoseE5 6b ***214mThe Ravenstones
The Last MohicanE6 6b *216mUpperwood Quarry
IguanodonE5 6b **1010mRunning Hill Pits
Cover Me in Chocolate and Feed Me to the LesbiansE6 6c **324mShining Clough
Breakin' for a BogeyE6 6c *-12mRunning Hill Pits
Another Filthy JokeE7 6b *-15mShelf Benches
Groove RiderE7 6c **220mKinder Southern...
Appointment with FearE7 6b ***624mWimberry Rocks
Black Mountain CollageE7 6b **116mThe Ravenstones
Highball That You Bastards!E7 6b ***217mKinder Northern...
The Mentalist CupboardE7 6c ***28mKinder Southern...
Do the RocksteadyE7 6c ***-14mKinder Southern...
Wristcutter's LullabyE6 6c ***-22mWimberry Rocks
Mutants Can Be NiceE7 6c **-11mWilderness Rocks
Scuttle Buttlin'E7 6c **-15mDovestones Quarry
The Shock of the NewE7 6c ***414mKinder Northern...
Minnie MonsterE7 6c *-12mPots and Pans...
It HurtsE7 7a ***-12mWilderness Rocks
MaDMAnE8 6b **-20mWimberry Rocks
Loose ControlE8 6c ***-18mKinder Downfall
SectionedE8 6c ***-24mWimberry Rocks
Order of the PhoenixE8 6c **116mWimberry Rocks
DangermouseE9 7a **-18mWimberry Rocks
Appointment with DeathE9 6c ***318mWimberry Rocks
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