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For the discerning Slatehead.

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Septuagenarian6a *116625mBus Stop Quarry
Beltane7b+ **18230mBus Stop Quarry
First Stop5a *1304?Bus Stop Quarry
The Big Easy4b *443?Bus Stop Quarry
Jagged Face4a *501?Bus Stop Quarry
Comfort Zone5a *588?Bus Stop Quarry
Finatic6c *54?Bus Stop Quarry
Jenga4c *331?Bus Stop Quarry
Bosch Stop Quarry6a+ *363?Bus Stop Quarry
Bish Bash Bosch6a+ *344?Bus Stop Quarry
Wizz Bang6c *42410mBus Stop Quarry
Raisin Frumpsnoot7b+ **4330mBus Stop Quarry
Forsinain Motspur7c ***48?Bus Stop Quarry
Race Against the Pump7b **4?Bus Stop Quarry
Shoreline7c+ **1?Bus Stop Quarry
Geordie War Cry7a+ ***80?Bus Stop Quarry
My Hovercraft is full of Eels6b *125?Bus Stop Quarry
Mini Bus Stop6a 181?Bus Stop Quarry
Fridge6b+ *35?Bus Stop Quarry
Freezer6b+ 65?Bus Stop Quarry
Great Bores of Today7a **1922mAustralia
Dekophobia7a 5?Australia
My Secret Garden7b 2?Australia
Puddy Kat5a 6010mAustralia
The Burning6b+ *35517mAustralia
The Deceptive Dyke5c *69115mAustralia
10666b 7615mAustralia
Donald Duck6c *108?Australia
Gadaffi Duck6b+ **93718mAustralia
U.B.LHS 4b 750?Australia
Hyperfly6a+ *532?Australia
Maximum Tariff6b *737?Australia
Dried-Mouth Sesame Seed5c 185?Australia
Technical Hamster6c 16?Australia
Cartoon Lesbian6a+ 81?Australia
The Fat Controller6b *49?Australia
Scarface Claw6b+ **75?Australia
Sleeper6c 24?Australia
Crazy Train6c **75?Australia
Psychodelicate7c **737mAustralia
The Australian6b **2015mAustralia
The Stream of Obscenity7a *710mAustralia
Narcolepsy7a+ *122mAustralia
Y Rhaffwr6c **1516mAustralia
Sport 4 All5a 632?Australia
Kinder Surprise5a *1037?Australia
Surprise Surprise6a *1129?Australia
Shorty's Dyno (Short Person's Method)6c+ 250?Australia
Orangutang Overhang6a+ **885?Australia
Cyber World Sl@te Heads6a+ *519?Australia
Steps of Glory5a **1365?Australia
'N' Gauge5c *65810mAustralia
Side line4c *787?Australia
Thomas the Tank4a *72510mAustralia
Rack and pin5c *73612mAustralia
Sodor6a *117612mAustralia
The Mallard5c *106812mAustralia
The Polar Express5c *911?Australia
Ivor the Engine5a *1033?Australia
Forsinain Motspur Direct7c+ *4?Bus Stop Quarry
Forsinain Motspur Superdirect8a *4?Bus Stop Quarry
Gordon3c *795?Australia
The Level Crossing5c *207?Australia
Those who climb clearly marked projects...5c *509?Australia
Choo Choo5c *430?Australia
Hogwarts Express5c *386?Australia
The Railway children6a **499?Australia
In Loving Memory6a+ **363?Australia
A Grand Day Out6b+ **233?• 3Australia
Gymnastic Fantastic6c+ *2112mAustralia
Slatebite7a **8015mAustralia
Jepp the Knave7b+ *214mAustralia
The Beanstalk .7a **3022mAustralia
Feeling Rusty?6b+ *19313mAustralia
Boulevard of Broken Dreams7a+ *3614mAustralia
Ziplock7b **915mAustralia
Indiana Jasmine And The Topple Of Doom!5c *4218mAustralia
Pulverised7b 320mAustralia
De Nouement7b 615mAustralia
Ruby Marlee meets Dr Holingsworth !6a **21545mAustralia
Plastic Soldier6a **79040mAustralia
Clash of the Titans6a **54940mAustralia
Harri Bach Llanrug6a **19718mAustralia
Toe be or not Toe be...7b 1812mAustralia
SlabSlayer6b **6113mAustralia
Rock Yoga7a+ **11218mAustralia
Slab Rog6b+ ***13217mAustralia
Mynd am Aur7a *8315mAustralia
The Olympic Torch6b+ **8215mAustralia
Mister Blister7a *1817mAustralia
Sprint Finish6a *1618mAustralia
Glasgow Kiss7b+ **830mAustralia
Slabology7a *3825mAustralia
Easy Routes Can Have Bolts Too!5c 110mAustralia
Room with a view7b **320mAustralia
Slabaholics Anonymous7a+ **2827mAustralia
Ayers and Graces6c+ **327mAustralia
Ayer Head6c+ *227mAustralia
Atticus Finch6c 2?Australia
Cirith Ungol7a+ **11?Australia
Ride like the wind!6b+ *6?Australia
To infinity and beyond!6b **16?Australia
The Curious Incident6a *27?Australia
G'Day Arete6c ***162?Australia
Hogiau Pen Garet6a+ *90?Australia
Walk this way7a **3422mAustralia
The Garet Slide4a 1312mAustralia
Wave Rock6c **1615mAustralia
Impact Zone7a **1516mAustralia
Road to Botany Bay7a **2215mAustralia
The Serpent Vein8b ***-30mAustralia
Harder Than It Looks6a+ **7410mAustralia
Not known6a *14911mAustralia
Con Quista Dors7b **623mDali's Hole
Slip Not6a+ 21?Dali's Hole
Why Knot?6a+ 21?Dali's Hole
Escape from Coldbitz6c+ 512mDali's Hole
Harvey's Brassed off TeamHVS 5c *2515mDali's Hole
La Gendre6a+ 278?Dali's Hole
Mon Amie5a 259?Dali's Hole
Tolerance5b 293?Dali's Hole
Le Grandpere5c 208?Dali's Hole
Pour Tout le Monde6a 269?Dali's Hole
Departure Lounge3c 21?Dali's Hole
Kinder Sport3c 193?Dali's Hole
Emerald Dyke4a 167?Dali's Hole
La Grandmere5a 205?Dali's Hole
La Famille4c 42?Dali's Hole
Binky Bonk Central6a+ 85?Dali's Hole
My Wife's an Alien5a 115?Dali's Hole
CAPTAIN SLOG4c 65?Dali's Hole
le petit pois6a+ 184?Dali's Hole
Slate Arrivals5b 59?Dali's Hole
Slate Arrivals left5a 17?Dali's Hole
The Telescopic Stem Master6b+ **48?Dali's Hole
Aardman productions6a 50?Dali's Hole
Tower of LaughterE1 6a *62?Dali's Hole
Mfecane7b *222mDali's Hole
Her IndoorsE3 5c *1415mDali's Hole
Minder6c+ **1017mDali's Hole
When the Winds Blows7a *1112mDali's Hole
Toad in Toad Hall7a 310mDali's Hole
Tambourine Man8a **2?California
We no speak Americano!6a **8930m• 2California
Slabs 'R' Us7b *524mCalifornia
The California Express3c *2110mCalifornia
Peter Pan6a+ **821?Serengeti
Nick the Chisel7b+ *59?Serengeti
Sans Chisel Variation6b *21218mSerengeti
Diagonal Dilemma7b *1?Serengeti
Karabiner Cruise6c -?Serengeti
The Medium8a **35?Serengeti
Heading the ShotE5 6b ***366?Serengeti
Quelle Surprise5a *10418mSerengeti
Exploding Goats4c *8417mSerengeti
All For One5a *6417mSerengeti
Y Gwaedlyd7a *49?Serengeti
Hawk Eye5c **62320mNever Never Land
Fresh Air6a **1337?Never Never Land
Swiss Air6c *9220mNever Never Land
State of the Heart6c+ **8523mNever Never Land
Yossarian6b+ *2820mNever Never Land
Steps of Escher6c *26?Never Never Land
Back in the Saddle6b+ *8820mNever Never Land
Tomb Raider6a *361?Never Never Land
3626a *595?Never Never Land
ScheherezadeE4 6b **16218mNever Never Land
The Carbon Stage6c+ **5720mNever Never Land
The Gargoyle6a+ *3118mNever Never Land
Obsession6a+ **1930mNever Never Land
Shock the MonkeyHVS 5a 2625mNever Never Land
Home RunE2 6a *922mNever Never Land
Beyond the Pail7a *624mNever Never Land
Pail Rider6c+ *1323mNever Never Land
A Little Pail6b+ **34?Never Never Land
Penblwydd Hapus(i fi)6c 315mNever Never Land
Offa's6b *1115mNever Never Land
Cavity Wall7c **1020mNever Never Land
Easy for Caterpillars7a 2212mNever Never Land
Let Yourself Go!7a *2314mNever Never Land
Super Slinky7a *3713mNever Never Land
Dog and Bone6a *8920mNever Never Land
Graze Anatomy6a+ 6918mNever Never Land
Operation Zig Zag5c **88?Never Never Land
The Meltdown9a ***-?Twll Mawr
The Rock Bottom Line7b+ ***24135m• 5Twll Mawr
The Desolation of Smaug!6c **182145m• 6Twll Mawr
Green Slip7a -24mTwll Mawr
Running Scared8a *-30mTwll Mawr
Black Holes and Revelations - The Wobbly Ladder Pitch6b **925mTwll Mawr
Imagine Dragons6b **6047m• 2Twll Mawr
Supermassive Black Hole7a ***14075m• 4Twll Mawr
Black Holes and Revelations7a **1775m• 2Twll Mawr
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun7a **1322mTwll Mawr
Black Hole Sun7a+ ***4875m• 3Twll Mawr
Dark Side of the Moon7b *222mTwll Mawr
In the Line of Fire7c+ -30mTwll Mawr
Dragon Slayer7a *218mThe Lost...
XXXposure6a+ *98mThe Lost...
The Porphyry Chair6c+ **130mThe Lost...
Journey to the Centre of the Earth6a+ **39?The Lost...
Full Metal Jack Off7a+ *230mThe Lost...
The Wall Within7c ***230mThe Lost...
Sauron8b **-25mThe Lost...
Saruman7a **330mThe Lost...
The Beast in Me7b *120mThe Lost...
Horse Latitudes6a+ **49728mRainbow Slab Area
Alive and KickingE1 5b **37920mRainbow Slab Area
CatrinE2 5c *23120mRainbow Slab Area
Jack of ShadowsE4 6a ***67?Rainbow Slab Area
Bungles Arete8b ***115mRainbow Slab Area
The Very Big and the Very Small8b+ ***3?Rainbow Slab Area
Cwms the Dogfish8a ***2?Rainbow Slab Area
Gerbil Abuse6c+ **8518mRainbow Slab Area
Vermin on the Ridiculous7b+ *818mRainbow Slab Area
The Spleenal Flick6c+ *2222mRainbow Slab Area
Chitra7c ***722mRainbow Slab Area
The Mu Mu7c+ **1?Rainbow Slab Area
Over Taken By Department 'C'6a **17920mRainbow Slab Area
Taken over by Department 'C'7a **15815mRainbow Slab Area
Sleight of Hand6c **6415mRainbow Slab Area
Cig-Arete7b **3314mRainbow Slab Area
Where are my Sensible Shoes?7b **4018mRainbow Slab Area
Gwion's Groove6a+ **7324mRainbow Slab Area
Drowning Man6b *8422mRainbow Slab Area
Coming up for AirE5 6b 618mRainbow Slab Area
Satisfying Frank Bruno7b+ **811mRainbow Slab Area
Pocketeering7a+ *86mRainbow Slab Area
The Untouchables8a **26mRainbow Slab Area
Concorde Dawn8a **2?Rainbow Slab Area
Doggy-Style7c *212mRainbow Slab Area
The New Slatesman8b **1?Rainbow Slab Area
Rowan7c **215mRainbow Slab Area
Song of the Minerals7b **-?Rainbow Slab Area
The Dark Destroyer7c+ *122mRainbow Slab Area
The Rock Dancer's Daughter7a+ **522mRainbow Slab Area
True Clip7b+ ***5422mRainbow Slab Area
Spong (is good for you)7c+ **2322mRainbow Slab Area
Monster Hamburger Eats the Alien Baby6c *1412mRainbow Slab Area
L'Allumette7a **3215mRainbow Slab Area
Fruity Pear Gets Just Deserts7a+ 615mRainbow Slab Area
The Master Craftsman (Il Miglior Fabbro)7c+ 112mRainbow Slab Area
Paradise Lost6c *2518mRainbow Slab Area
Direct Start6c+ *1018mRainbow Slab Area
The Dark Half8a ***4018mRainbow Slab Area
Heatseeker7c ***822mRainbow Slab Area
Colin's Arete4c 147?Rainbow Slab Area
Magic Carpet5a *19715mRainbow Slab Area
Plateau Corner5c *109?Rainbow Slab Area
Carpe Diam5c **185?Rainbow Slab Area
Celtic Warrior6a+ **14815mRainbow Slab Area
Slate Ninja6a **15415mRainbow Slab Area
White Tiger6a **17714mRainbow Slab Area
Circus Skills6a *18612mRainbow Slab Area
Teenage Dreams6b **15418mRainbow Slab Area
Monster Munch6c+ *9812mRainbow Slab Area
Chinook Arete7a **1823mRainbow Slab Area
Honorary Limestone7a **1422mRainbow Slab Area
Time Bandit7b *29?Vivian Quarry
The Weetabix Connection6c+ 38?Vivian Quarry
Bobby's Groove8a ***2?Vivian Quarry
Two Bolts or Not to Be7b+ **312mVivian Quarry
PsychotherapyE2 5c **72225mVivian Quarry
Artichokes, Artichokes7b+ **-?Vivian Quarry
Le Voleur7c **-?Vivian Quarry
Sucked Away with the Scum7c *-25mVivian Quarry
Menopausal Discharge8a+ **118mVivian Quarry
Gin Palace7c ***3918mVivian Quarry
Child's Play7b+ **14?Vivian Quarry
Mister, Mister6b *33?Vivian Quarry
The Full Monty6a+ *6730mVivian Quarry
Smokeless ZoneE4 6b *615mVivian Quarry
Birdsong6a+ 16?Vivian Quarry
The Manimal6c **1615mVivian Quarry
Truffle Hunter's Roof6b+ **2715mVivian Quarry
Two ToneE2 6a **39?Vivian Quarry
The MadnessE2 5c **12422mVivian Quarry
Pas da Dutchy6a 9?Vivian Quarry
Pas de Chevre7b **3?Vivian Quarry
DirtE4 6a *2?Vivian Quarry
Power Tool Ressurection7a *1?Vivian Quarry
Colditz7b+ *1118mVivian Quarry
Manic Strain8a ***2020mVivian Quarry
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