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Peak Rock/10/White Life ticklist

contributed by Bloke on a Rope Jan/14

This is all the routes from chapter 10 of Peak Rock, From The 60's through to early 70's. At the start of the 60s John Loy and others started developing Ravensdale trying to use as little aid as possible. Stoney became the cutting edge crag of the 60's with the hardest routes put up by Jack Street, Geoff Birtles and Tom Proctor. Again they used as little aid as possible and tried to eliminate aid on previous routes, also Proctor started cleaning lines on abseil prior to a first ascent.Some of the top ascents were Our Father E46b, Kingdom Come E56b and Kellogg E56b.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
MedusaVS 4b ***42144m• 2Ravensdale
Mealy BugsVS 4c **17645m• 2Ravensdale
DelusorHVS 5a *8144m• 2Ravensdale
AmainHVS 5a **5820mRavensdale
Via VitaE1 5c *11148m• 2Ravensdale
WindhoverE2 5c **30925mStoney Middleton
Compositae GrooveHVS 5a *64?• 2Stoney Middleton
PadmeHVS 5a **653?Stoney Middleton
Mortuary StepsHVS 5b **14325mStoney Middleton
Brown CornerHVS 5a *6220mStoney Middleton
Our FatherE4 6b ***13115mStoney Middleton
JasperE3 6a **11918mStoney Middleton
IcarusE1 5b 4?Stoney Middleton
AlcasanE2 5c ***177102m• 5Stoney Middleton
PendulumHVS 5a **98?Stoney Middleton
The SlurperE1 5c *53?Stoney Middleton
OliverE4 6a ***7820mStoney Middleton
Millionaire TouchE4 6b ***6220mStoney Middleton
Dead Banana CrackE1 5c ***55720mStoney Middleton
ArmageddonE2 5c ***25928mStoney Middleton
The FlakesE2 5c **83?• 2Stoney Middleton
The Flakes DirectE2 5c ***12930m• 2Stoney Middleton
Boat Pushers WallE3 5c *39?Stoney Middleton
Lucy SimmonsE2 5b *9925mStoney Middleton
PickpocketE4 6a **101?Stoney Middleton
Wee DorisE4 5c ***271?Stoney Middleton
Dies IraeE2 5c ***27820mStoney Middleton
Kingdom ComeE5 6b *1815mStoney Middleton
Scoop WallE2 5c ***46125mStoney Middleton
Carls Wark CrackE2 5c **21314mStoney Middleton
KelloggE5 6b *2320mStoney Middleton
Bingo WallE2 5b **196?• 2Stoney Middleton
HeliconE3 5c **79?Stoney Middleton
Special KE4 6a *1825mStoney Middleton
HerculesE4 5c 317mStoney Middleton
DebaucheryE1 5b ***88545m• 2High Tor
EntropyVS 4c **9530mHigh Tor
HighlightHVS 5a ***45345m• 2High Tor
DelicatessenE2 5c ***31851m• 2High Tor
DariusE2 5c ***54250mHigh Tor
M1E2 5b ***16435mHigh Tor
SirplumE1 5b ***44950m• 2Chee Dale Upper
AplombE1 5a ***7585m• 4Chee Dale Upper
GoldfingerE2 6a *3125mChee Dale Upper
Catastrophe GroovesHVS 5a **28238m• 2Wildcat
SphynxVS 5a **24540m• 2Wildcat
CataclysmHVS 5a ***50038m• 2Wildcat
Lone Tree GrooveHVS 5a **20650m• 2Willersley Castle...
John PeelHVS 5a ***22040m• 2Dovedale
Snakes AliveVS 4c ***11924mDovedale
AnacondaE1 5b **6030mDovedale
Adjudicator WallE3 5c ***20640mDovedale
Central WallE3 5c *3634m• 2Dovedale
CummerbundVS 4b **3875m• 4Ossam's Crag
Central WallVS 4b **14824mBeeston Tor...
West Wall ClimbVS 4c **13152m• 3Beeston Tor...
The BeestE3 6a ***15970m• 2Beeston Tor...
Chee Tor GirdleVS 5a ***398?• 4Chee Dale Lower
Queer StreetE3 6a ***131?Chee Dale Lower
42nd StreetE3 5c **167?Chee Dale Lower
NostradamusE1 5b *255?Chee Dale Lower
Valentine (pitch 1)E1 5b *81?Chee Dale Lower
SleepwalkersHVS 5b 8?Chee Dale Lower
HergianiE2 5b *202?Chee Dale Lower
Easter IslandE1 5b **34928mDovedale
Tower DirectE3 5c ***2634mThor's Cave...
106 e, 137 stars12,6061,718m• 100