catt on the upper section of Haute Cuisine
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Portland 7a/+ ticklist

contributed by afterthesend Feb/19

All the routes graded French 7a and 7a+ on Portland. The list is in order going clockwise around the Isle.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Shiver Me Timbers7a *8717mThe Cuttings
Modern Nightmare7a **21819mThe Cuttings
Unknown Arête7a+ 34?The Cuttings
Live by the Sword7a+ **32118mThe Cuttings
The Mouth Waters7a+ **15216mThe Cuttings
Finesse7a 4717mThe Cuttings
Haute Cuisine7a **33616mThe Cuttings
The Holy Hand Grenade7a **29315mThe Cuttings
Blowing the Gimp7a+ *6515mThe Cuttings
Mindmeld7a+ *33412mThe Cuttings
Bend Sinister7a+ **5210mThe New Cuttings
Tipping the Scales7a *847mThe New Cuttings
The Vulcanites7a *10311mThe New Cuttings
Touch the Earth7a 29?Southwell Landslips
The Martyr7a+ **248mSouthwell Landslips
Mono y Mono7a+ *38mSouthwell Landslips
Bastard Crack7a 36mSouthwell Landslips
Look West & Find Salvation7a+ 86mSouthwell Landslips
Tug on This Jody7a 1510mSouthwell Landslips
Sex, Lies and Videotape7a 197mCheyne Weares Area
Lifesigns7a+ 67mCheyne Weares Area
Well 'ard7a+ 16?Cheyne Weares Area
No Turn Unstoned7a **61?Cheyne Weares Area
Found Under Carnal Knowledge7a *1520mCheyne Weares Area
Van Life7a+ **1421mCheyne Weares Area
Heartbeats7a+ *2121mCheyne Weares Area
Rocket from the Crypt7a+ **6020mCheyne Weares Area
Northern Invasion7a 5217mCheyne Weares Area
Shit Route7a 11017mCheyne Weares Area
The Accelerator7a *4517mCheyne Weares Area
Resistance is Futile7a+ *14713mCheyne Weares Area
Bay of Peegs7a+ **211mBeeston Cliff
The League of Gurus7a -9mBeeston Cliff
Konked Out7a *-9mBeeston Cliff
Heart Full of Nails7a+ *-9mBeeston Cliff
Aquaserene7a *-9mBeeston Cliff
Fight the Good Fight7a+ 57mBeeston Cliff
Eva Luna7a+ *78mBeeston Cliff
Sea Pink7a 78mBeeston Cliff
Suits you Sir!7a 68mBeeston Cliff
Social Lepers7a+ 68mBeeston Cliff
Tentacle Master7a+ *1110mCave Hole
Octo Campo7a+ **5?Cave Hole
Underwater Love7a 19mCave Hole
Staring at the Sea7a -9mCave Hole
The Green Bearded Roof7a+ 211mCave Hole
Bare ReputationE4 6b ***4520mCave Hole
Water WingsE4 6b **118mCave Hole
Lunge or Plunge7a+ *410mCave Hole
Huge Reaches7a+ 18mCave Hole
AquamarinaE4 6b *118mCave Hole
Underlife7a 1013mCave Hole
Eight Inches7a *67mCave Hole
The Big Boss7a 28mCave Hole
Ninth Wave7a+ *37mLighthouse Area
Sugar Daddy7a+ *3210mLighthouse Area
Salty Sea Dog7a+ **1?Lighthouse Area
Red Raw7a+ 18mWhite Hole
Tiny Smiles7a+ -10mWhite Hole
Mirthmaid7a+ *112mWhite Hole
Dead in Europe7a+ *-12mWhite Hole
Sad Young Biscuits7a+ -10mWhite Hole
The Skin Trade7a+ *110mWhite Hole
Obscene Gesture (Part 2)7a+ *-10mWhite Hole
The Code Breaker and the French Teacher7a+ *110mWhite Hole
Until the End of Man7a **-10mWhite Hole
Kinaesthesia7a+ ***410mWhite Hole
Crossing the Boundaries of Affection7a+ *210mWhite Hole
L'esprit du vent7a+ **424mCoastguard South
Azymuth7a+ **424mCoastguard South
Xistenz7a+ *324mCoastguard South
Winning at Rodeo7a ***3024mCoastguard South
Time Bomb7a **1024mCoastguard South
An Ideal for Living7a+ **924mCoastguard South
Forget Columbus7a+ ***2025mCoastguard South
Under the Sky, Inside the Sea7a **1825mCoastguard South
Quick as Rainbows7a+ ***2123mCoastguard South
Forensic Scene7a+ **524mCoastguard South
Drive Blind7a **623mCoastguard South
Smashing Orange7a **723mCoastguard South
A Bird in the Hand7a+ 124mCoastguard South
Lip Service7a *525mCoastguard South
A Meeting of Minds7a+ -23mCoastguard South
Bad Moon Rising7a ***4525mCoastguard South
Actions Speak Louder7a+ *224mCoastguard South
Skyscraper7a *625mCoastguard South
Midnight Oil7a *1617mCoastguard North
Van People7a **4522mCoastguard North
Superfly Guy7a ***25022mCoastguard North
Girl Power7a+ **2922mCoastguard North
Sand Castles7a+ 417mCoastguard North
100% Columbian7a+ *819mCoastguard North
Jazz It Up7a+ *-15mWallsend South
17897a **2925mWallsend South
Chert Noble7a+ *425mWallsend South
Rapid Response7a *1525mWallsend South
Walking on Sunshine7a ***3015mWallsend South
Flipper's Revenge7a+ *515mWallsend South
Dogtown Skate Team7a+ **327mWallsend South
Black'll do Nicely7a+ *428mWallsend South
Bob's Gold Run7a+ **928mWallsend South
Reverence7a+ ***14728mWallsend South
Tea Cakes Calling7a *3828mWallsend South
Some Velvet Morning7a *14?Wallsend South
Shibumi7a *1327mWallsend South
River of Dreams7a -16mWallsend South
Son of Mustang Ford7a *1124mWallsend South
Sang Chaud7a+ ***4222mWallsend South
Laughing Peter7a+ **1320mWallsend South
Vin Chaud7a **9821mWallsend South
On a Desert Island Beach7a+ **1021mWallsend South
Coconut Milk7a **2120mWallsend South
The Bigger Piece7a+ **3830mWallsend South
Wonderful7a+ **818mWallsend North
Under Crimson Skies7a+ *220mWallsend North
And the Boot Sails By7a *319mWallsend North
Hate Crime7a+ *617mWallsend North
Hallelujah7a *2020mWallsend North
Up on the Hill7a *1720mWallsend North
So You Want to Be Happy7a+ 120mWallsend North
Scooby Snacks7a *2120mWallsend North
Love Street7a 112mWallsend North
Band of Pain7a+ 212mWallsend North
So Shoot Me7a+ *220mWallsend North
Live Now, Pay Later7a+ *-15mWallsend North
Ecstasy7a+ *-15mWallsend North
Acid Jazz Disco7a **6420mWallsend North
Alberta Balsam7a *1119mWallsend North
Going Blank Again7a+ *917mWallsend North
Treachery7a+ *717mWallsend North
Old Painless7a+ 417mWallsend North
Dead Man's Click7a 214mWallsend North
Stay on Target7a 213mWallsend North
Holding the Zero7a *712mWallsend North
Sniper in the Brain7a *613mWallsend North
Sergeant Ford's Roving Truncheon7a 425mWallsend North
Dodo's Revenge7a 411mWallsend North
Portsea Road7a 513mWallsend North
Alpenglow7a+ *3512mWallsend North
RP Screamers7a *3410mWallsend North
Right Little Slapper7a+ 78mWallsend North
Psychic EMF7a+ **5820mBattleship Back...
The Cones of Stress7a+ 420mBattleship Back...
Project 'A'7a *2017mBattleship Back...
Big Fish7a 1817mBattleship Back...
Wave Dodging7a 1819mBattleship Back...
Koenig Class7a+ *2016mBattleship Back...
Jurassic Shift7a **30627mBattleship Back...
Pump Hitler7a+ ***26826mBattleship Back...
Dreams Burn Down7a+ **5627mBattleship Back...
Flickhead Goes Boing, Boing7a *3014mBattleship Edge
Coastguard Ron7a 418mBattleship Edge
Humanoid7a+ **5317mBattleship Edge
Art For Art's Sake7a+ *10?Battleship Edge
Trance Dance7a *4716mBattleship Edge
On the Wall7a+ **3916mBattleship Edge
A Taste of Honey7a+ *6?Battleship Edge
Master of Ape Science7a+ *1916mBattleship Edge
Hipnition7a *1516mBattleship Edge
Blood Simple7a *1117mBattleship Edge
No me Comas el Coco7a **10018mBattleship Edge
Norfolk Coast7a+ *1318mBattleship Edge
Reve d'un Corbeau7a *8720mBattleship Edge
Barbed Wire Kisses7a+ **10719mBattleship Edge
Victims of Fashion7a+ ***27018mBattleship Edge
Wurlitzer Jukebox7a+ *3018mBattleship Edge
Bilboes7a *9713mBattleship Edge
Bawdy House7a 1816mBattleship Edge
Silage Clamp7a+ *1115mBattleship Edge
The Black Pariah7a *913mBattleship Edge
Master of the Rolls7a+ **7020mBlacknor Far South
Boom-Boom Boom Box7a+ *6?Blacknor Far South
Look on the Bright Side7a+ *420mBlacknor Far South
Mechanoids7a **9020mBlacknor Far South
Wax on Wheels7a+ **3522mBlacknor Far South
Crown of Thorns7a+ **2921mBlacknor Far South
Great Barrier Reef7a+ **6222mBlacknor Far South
The Strobolising Scyphostoma7a+ **6420mBlacknor Far South
Kendo Nagasaki7a+ **7520mBlacknor Far South
UK Subs7a+ *2817mBlacknor Far South
Chaos UK7a+ **3117mBlacknor Far South
Bushwhacked7a+ **3217mBlacknor Far South
The Singing Bush7a+ **4816mBlacknor Far South
An Arse With a View7a *1415mBlacknor Far South
Castle Anthrax7a *915mBlacknor Far South
Cute Ass7a *4522mBlacknor South
Kite Marks7a *10?Blacknor South
Loose Cannon7a **5722mBlacknor South
The Oldest Profession7a **8222mBlacknor South
Kamikaze Moped7a *4822mBlacknor South
Psychosomatic Addict7a+ **10320mBlacknor South
To Wish the Impossible7a ***45320mBlacknor South
Medusa Falls7a ***48115mBlacknor South
Slither7a+ *14?Blacknor South
Draper's Henchmen7a+ 2212mBlacknor South
Pining for Glossop7a **16615mBlacknor South
Sacred Angel7a **46615mBlacknor South
Dirty Cow7a *4215mBlacknor South
Step away from the Gingga7a *5625mBlacknor Central
Through the Barricades7a+ **14027mBlacknor Central
Last Rose of Summer7a **22228mBlacknor Central
The Shells, The Shells7a *4228mBlacknor Central
Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns7a+ *5228mBlacknor Central
Dusty Bedrock in need of Careful Preparation7a+ *1932mBlacknor Central
Grand Larceny7a+ *728mBlacknor Central
Portland Heights7a ***25428mBlacknor Central
Cybernetic Orchard7a+ **5628mBlacknor Central
Sniffin' Glue7a+ *426mBlacknor Central
Dizzy up the Girl7a+ **1028mBlacknor Central
Niagara Wall7a *326mBlacknor Central
Blame it on the Drain7a+ *126mBlacknor Central
Solstice Arête7a+ 126mBlacknor Central
Viper's Tale7a+ *723mBlacknor Central
Suenos de España7a+ *425mBlacknor Central
The Stals on Me Pal7a 520mBlacknor Central
Whilst the Cat's Away7a+ *2322mBlacknor Central
That Honeycomb Centre7a 3020mBlacknor Central
Onto the Ice Flow7a *7020mBlacknor North
Hot From the Forge7a *5520mBlacknor North
England's Dreaming7a+ ***62421mBlacknor North
Edge Hog7a+ 1322mBlacknor North
Appleturnoverload7a+ **19922mBlacknor North
Wolfgang Forever7a **41022mBlacknor North
Sanfte Kuss7a+ *6920mBlacknor North
Is Vic There?7a **28721mBlacknor North
Skin Flick7a 6?Blacknor North
Ironhead7a+ **3623mBlacknor North
Henry Rollins for President7a+ 417mBlacknor North
Beer and Corruption7a *4817mBlacknor North
Where's Blue Hippo7a+ *616mBlacknor North
Death of Cool7a+ *422mBlacknor North
Quakin' in My Bones7a+ *1316mBlacknor North
Meltdown7a **5516mBlacknor North
Slim Fingers' Revenge7a *712mBlacknor North
Still Falling7a 1?Tout Quarry
Ascension7a 16mTout Quarry
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