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Peak Rock/9/Gritstone in the Sixties ticklist

contributed by Bloke on a Rope Jan/14

This is all the routes from chapter 9 of Peak Rock. At the start of the 60s John Loy and Alan Clarke continued the tradition of pegging routes at Millstone but they also started to free them with Great Portland St HVS5b and Satan's Slit E15b. Next up are routes from Peter Crew, Martin Boysen, Al Parker and the Alpha Club, during this time the first nuts became available and were sometimes used for aid as well as pro on routes like Orang Outang E25c, The Arete E25c. Also wire brushing became more acceptable on routes like The Brush Off E45c which relies heavily on friction. Allen Austin came on the scene in this time and he can't be mentioned without talking about Western Front E35c and The Wall of Horrors E36a one of the most important leads of the day. In the mid 6os the Black and Tans made their mark with Elegy E25c, Sinn Fein E35c, Usurper E46a and Nectar E46b, again some of these used minimal aid from nuts and slings but it makes for a much better list. Finally right at the end of the 6os Tom Proctor put up Oedipus Ring Your Mother E46b and Green Death E56b, the only E5 on the list.

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Bond Street HVS 5a *** 3007 20m Millstone Edge
Lubric HVS 5b * 23 28m Millstone Edge
Crewcut VS 4c ** 311 22m Millstone Edge
Great Portland Street HVS 5b *** 2324 20m Millstone Edge
Satan's Slit HVS 5b * 78 14m Millstone Edge
Regent Street E2 5c *** 1409 22m Millstone Edge
Green Death E5 5c *** 61 18m Millstone Edge
The Blurter HVS 5b *** 715 22m Stanage North
Anniversary Arête E1 5b ** 253 ? Stanage North
Desperation E1 6a *** 816 12m Stanage Popular
Surprise E1 5c * 43 16m Stanage Plantation
Count's Buttress Direct E3 6a * 18 14m Stanage Plantation
Daydreamer E2 6b *** 105 8m Stanage Plantation
Millsom's Minion E1 5b *** 1809 22m Stanage Plantation
The Tippler E1 5b *** 1170 18m Stanage Popular
Fern Groove E2 5c ** 165 16m Stanage Plantation
Queersville HVS 5a *** 3210 16m Stanage Popular
Eliminator HVS 5b *** 2589 14m Stanage Popular
Yosemite Wall E2 5b ** 692 16m Stanage Popular
Censor E3 5c *** 124 16m Stanage Popular
Calvary E4 6a *** 311 18m Stanage Plantation
Nectar E4 6b *** 44 16m • 2 Stanage North
Blizzard Ridge HVS 5a *** 1759 14m Rivelin Edge
The Brush Off E4 5c *** 364 10m Rivelin Edge
Sinn Fein E3 5c ** 6 22m Tintwistle Knarr
The Arête E2 5c *** 119 22m Tintwistle Knarr
Poteen E1 5b ** 20 20m Tintwistle Knarr
Millwheel Wall E1 5b *** 319 12m Burbage South...
Boggart E2 6b ** 92 14m Burbage South Edge
Long Tall Sally E1 5b *** 2119 10m Burbage North
Pot Belly E2 5c * 5 14m Kinder Northern...
Brother's Eliminate E1 5b ** 14 18m Kinder Northern...
Little Boy Blue E1 6a * 2 16m Kinder Northern...
Legacy HVS 5a *** 241 20m Kinder Northern...
Mustard Walls E2 5c ** 22 16m Kinder Northern...
Mummy Crack E1 5b * 6 8m Kinder Northern...
Extinguisher Chimney VS 4c *** 15 18m Kinder Downfall
Ocean Wall E1 5b *** 137 16m Standing Stones
Wall and Bulge E2 5b ** 10 10m Wimberry Rocks
Galileo E1 5c ** 192 18m Shining Clough
East Rib HVS 5a *** 363 14m Shining Clough
Pisa Super Direct HVS 5a *** 482 20m Shining Clough
Yerth E2 5c * 29 15m Shining Clough
Naaden E1 5b * 48 12m Shining Clough
The Big Wall E3 6a ** 33 20m Shining Clough
Western Front E3 5c *** 403 13m Almscliff
The Wall of Horrors E3 6a *** 283 18m Almscliff
Left-hand Pillar Crack E1 5b ** 87 10m Gardom's Edge
Vaya Con Dios E2 5c ** 31 20m Gardom's Edge
Undercut Crack E2 5c ** 66 8m Bamford Edge
Moglichkeit HS 4b 138 8m Bamford Edge
Quien Sabe? VS 4c *** 1658 14m Bamford Edge
Chequers Buttress HVS 5a *** 3668 14m Froggatt Edge
Long John's Slab E3 5c ** 810 14m Froggatt Edge
Oedipus Ring Your Mother E4 6b ** 188 8m Froggatt Edge
Scroach E2 5c ** 112 21m Curbar Edge
Usurper E4 6a *** 128 12m Curbar Edge
L'Horla E1 5b *** 1057 10m Curbar Edge
Encouragement E1 5b *** 187 28m • 2 Hen Cloud
The Long and Short E1 5b * 17 25m • 2 Hen Cloud
Wombat E2 5b *** 364 20m Roaches Upper Tier
Walleroo E2 5c ** 68 20m Roaches Upper Tier
West's Wallaby VS 4c * 321 24m Roaches Upper Tier
Elegy E2 5c *** 541 16m Roaches Lower Tier
The Swan E3 5c *** 147 26m Roaches Lower Tier
Great West Road E3 5b *** 286 34m • 2 Millstone Edge
Orang-outang E2 5c *** 404 12m Stanage North
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