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The Sentinel area    © jack89
The Sentinel area
© jack89

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1st nickcanute 68% 2016
2nd Nick1812P 65% 18 May
3rd Hidden 56% 25 Apr
4th The old James turnbull 49% 3 May
5th James Oakes 40% 11 Jul, 2019
6th Hidden 36% 10 Apr, 2022
7th dynoseb 34% 14 May
8th Hidden 31% 3 May
8th Gambit 31% 1 May, 2021
9th John H Bull 30% 2 May, 2013

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"I'm a bird"

The Sentinel
"I'm a bird"
© jules1990

Stanage Light Trails

Stanage Light Trails

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Paul Murdy showing us how its done on Regent Street E2 5c

Regent Street
Paul Murdy showing us how its done on Regent Street E2 5c
© JRae

Epic day at Curbar, complete with inversion and quality routes

Epic day at Curbar, complete with inversion and quality routes
© joese7en

Accidental solo of Flying Buttress Direct

Flying Buttress Direct
Accidental solo of Flying Buttress Direct
© Claire Shepherd

Duncan Irving taking a graceful exit from Flying Buttress Direct (E1 5b), Stanage

Flying Buttress Direct
Duncan Irving taking a graceful exit from Flying Buttress Direct (E1 5b), Stanage
© Adrian Japp

Stretching it out on Flying Buttress Direct

Flying Buttress Direct
Stretching it out on Flying Buttress Direct
© Brian Pollock


© jas wood

RichC About to Crank the Finishing MantelShelf on Strapiombante, Froggatt

RichC About to Crank the Finishing MantelShelf on Strapiombante, Froggatt
© ChrisJD

Elder Crack - a big wide , Curbar crack!

Elder Crack
Elder Crack - a big wide , Curbar crack!
© Jessie leong

Ferdia setting off into the upper crux on Left Unconqerable.

The Left Unconquerable
Ferdia setting off into the upper crux on Left Unconqerable.
© neil the weak

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Pinhead Moonstomp E1 5b 7 8m Curbar Edge
Hercules E1 5a * 106 11m Curbar Edge
Scroach E2 6a ** 121 21m Curbar Edge
Right Eliminate E3 5c *** 215 17m Curbar Edge
Left Eliminate E1 5c ** 335 11m Curbar Edge
Thirst for Glory E1 5b * 156 9m Curbar Edge
Pretty Face E1 5b * 204 7m Curbar Edge
Plaything E2 5c * 39 7m Curbar Edge
L'Horla E1 5b *** 1168 10m Curbar Edge
Elder Crack E2 5b *** 701 18m Curbar Edge
Done Years Ago E3 6a * 68 6m Curbar Edge
Canoe E2 5c * 367 6m Curbar Edge
Finger Distance E3 6b ** 273 9m Curbar Edge
Kayak E2 5b ** 1044 9m Curbar Edge
Rapid E1 5c 17 8m Curbar Edge
Lepton f6C+ ** 52 6m Curbar Edge
Vain E3 5b ** 21 13m Curbar Edge
Zebedee E2 5b 2 10m Curbar Edge
Betwixt E1 5a * 23 6m Curbar Edge
The Wall E2 6a 6 9m Curbar Edge
Top Secret E2 5c * 45 9m Curbar Edge
Lamebrain E1 5b ** 179 9m Curbar Edge
The Scoop E2 5b * 15 8m Curbar Edge
Diddlum Wall Direct E2 5b * 17 6m Curbar Edge
Fidget E2 6b * 75 7m Curbar Edge
Gone to Pot E1 5c * 6 11m Curbar Edge
Pot E2 6a 7 8m Curbar Edge
The Mask E1 6b * 25 5m Curbar Edge
White Noise F.M. E2 6a * 20 6m Curbar Edge
Humdrum E1 5a 11 6m Curbar Edge
One Up Again E1 5c 1 7m Curbar Edge
Afterbirth E1 5c * 1 7m Curbar Edge
Birthday Groove E1 5c * 47 8m Curbar Edge
The Unreachable Star f6B+ *** 198 8m Curbar Edge
Hidden Pleasures E3 6a 9 10m Curbar Edge
John's Arête E1 5b * 52 10m Curbar Edge
Rat Scabies E3 6b ** 59 10m Curbar Edge
Camel Ticks E3 6a 6 10m Curbar Edge
Black Nix Wall E1 5c * 216 8m Curbar Edge
Beech Nut E1 5c 126 12m Froggatt Edge
Stiff Cheese E2 5c * 92 12m Froggatt Edge
The Big Crack E2 5b *** 780 15m Froggatt Edge
Brown's Eliminate E2 5b *** 1782 16m Froggatt Edge
Synopsis E2 5c ** 568 14m Froggatt Edge
Great Slab E3 5b *** 575 18m Froggatt Edge
Heartless Hare E5 5c ** 275 12m Froggatt Edge
Downhill Racer E4 6a *** 442 16m Froggatt Edge
Long John's Slab E3 5c ** 941 14m Froggatt Edge
Nanoq Slab E1 5b 203 ? Froggatt Edge
Four Pebble Slab E3 5c * 572 12m Froggatt Edge
Three Pebble Slab HVS 5a *** 4989 12m Froggatt Edge
Two-sided Triangle HVS 5b * 775 10m Froggatt Edge
Motorcade E1 5a ** 1275 18m Froggatt Edge
Ratbag E2 5b * 506 18m Froggatt Edge
Cave Crack E3 5c *** 201 12m Froggatt Edge
Brightside E2 5c ** 471 12m Froggatt Edge
Sundowner E2 5a * 1062 12m Froggatt Edge
Parallel Piped E3 5c * 214 6m Froggatt Edge
Scarper's Triangle Direct E2 5b 97 9m Froggatt Edge
Strapiombo E1 5b ** 481 9m Froggatt Edge
Strapiombante E1 5b *** 1843 8m Froggatt Edge
Regent Street E2 5c *** 1609 22m Millstone Edge
Embankment 4 E1 5b *** 1605 22m Millstone Edge
Embankment 3 E1 5b *** 2470 26m • 2 Millstone Edge
Billingsgate E1 5b ** 718 20m Millstone Edge
Windrête E2 5b ** 101 14m Millstone Edge
Only Just E2 5b * 174 15m Millstone Edge
Dexterity E1 5b ** 1641 20m Millstone Edge
February Fox E1 5b * 51 12m Millstone Edge
Gates of Mordor E3 5c ** 291 16m Millstone Edge
Satan's Slit HVS 5b * 92 14m Millstone Edge
Millwheel Wall E1 5b *** 354 12m Burbage South...
Zeus E2 5b *** 268 12m Burbage South...
Goliath E4 6a *** 174 10m Burbage South Edge
Pebble Mill E5 6b *** 188 12m Burbage South Edge
Nick Knack Paddywack E2 6b 12 8m Burbage South Edge
The Knack E1 5c * 113 6m Burbage South Edge
Nosferatu E6 6b *** 292 12m Burbage South Edge
Sorb E2 5c ** 144 10m Burbage South Edge
Movie Star E1 5b * 36 8m Burbage South Edge
Captain Sensible E1 5b * 52 8m Burbage South Edge
The Knock E4 6a *** 275 8m Burbage South Edge
Boggart Left-hand E3 6a * 98 14m Burbage South Edge
Midge E2 6a * 24 6m Burbage South Edge
The Gnat E1 5c * 11 6m Burbage South Edge
The Penultimate E1 5b * 470 8m Burbage North
The Fin E1 5b * 287 8m Burbage North
Long Tall Sally E1 5b *** 2324 10m Burbage North
The Screamer E1 5c * 30 8m Burbage North
The Irrepressible Urge E1 5b ** 256 8m Burbage North
The Edging Machine HVS 5b 134 ? Burbage North
Slide-away E1 5a * 60 ? Burbage North
Bulletproof E1 6a 20 ? Burbage North
The Rainmaker HVS 5b ** 595 10m Burbage North
Windjammer E1 5b * 378 ? Burbage North
King's Return E2 5b 12 14m Burbage North
High Flyer E2 5b * 111 6m Burbage North
The Sentinel E2 5b *** 823 10m Burbage North
Now or Never E1 5b ** 711 12m Burbage North
Evening Wall E1 5b * 353 8m Burbage North
All Star's Goal E1 6a 100 8m Burbage North
Monk On HVS 5b 170 8m Burbage North
Banana Finger f6A *** 2237 8m Burbage North
Route 3.5 E1 6a 130 6m Burbage North
Mental Peace E2 5c 38 8m Stanage Popular
Big Chris HVS 5b 175 8m Stanage Popular
Jersey Boys E1 5a 43 14m Stanage Popular
Gullible's Travels E1 5b * 619 10m Stanage Popular
War Zone E1 6a 42 15m Stanage Popular
Tip Off Right E1 5b * 151 14m Stanage Popular
The Tippler E1 5b *** 1297 18m Stanage Popular
The Dangler E2 5c *** 329 16m Stanage Popular
The Unprintable E1 5b ** 401 14m Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress Direct E1 5b *** 3183 16m Stanage Popular
Goodbye Toulouse E1 5b ** 255 16m Stanage Popular
Little Sarah E1 5b 16 8m Stanage Popular
Armchair Buccaneer HVS 5a * 125 14m Stanage Popular
Straightsville E2 5b 53 ? Stanage Popular
Yosemite Wall E2 5b ** 790 16m Stanage Popular
Via Dexter Direct E2 5c * 455 10m Stanage Popular
Topaz Copout E1 5b 24 10m Stanage Popular
Well Right E2 5c 24 ? Stanage Popular
Twintrin E1 5c * 328 ? Stanage Popular
Easter Rib E1 5b ** 1739 16m Stanage Popular
Ice Boat E1 5c * 192 14m Stanage Popular
Coconut Ice E2 5b * 256 16m Stanage Popular
Hybrid E1 5b 113 16m Stanage Popular
Wuthering E2 5b *** 888 20m Stanage Popular
Bobsnob E1 5a 152 10m Stanage Popular
Exit Stage Left E1 5b * 255 18m Stanage Popular
Morrison's Redoubt E1 5b ** 978 18m Stanage Popular
Saliva E1 5b ** 664 16m Stanage Popular
Another Game of Bowls Sir Walter? E1 5b * 380 14m Stanage Popular
The Old Dragon E2 5b * 132 14m Stanage Popular
Keep Pedalling E2 5c * 48 10m Stanage Popular
Pedlar's Rib E1 5c ** 269 12m Stanage Popular
Spearing the Bearded Clam E2 5c 38 12m Stanage Popular
5.9 Finish E1 5b * 147 12m Stanage Popular
On a Wing and Prayer E1 5c * 111 12m Stanage Popular
Curving Buttress E2 5b * 191 14m Stanage Plantation
Curving Chimney Left Arête E1 5b 36 17m Stanage Plantation
Monday Blue E2 5b * 420 16m Stanage Plantation
The Left Unconquerable E1 5b *** 2781 16m Stanage Plantation
Namenlos HVS 5a ** 1375 14m Stanage Plantation
New Balls Please E1 5b * 37 20m Stanage Plantation
Millsom's Minion E1 5b *** 2055 22m Stanage Plantation
Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic Barrier f7A *** 38 6m Burbage South Edge
228 e, 206 stars 65,821 1,628m 148
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