The final arete of the all-time classic Oxford and Cambridge Direct Route (Severe) Grey Crag (from the Lake District Climbs Roc
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Lakeland's Best Multi-pitch Routes up to HVS ticklist

contributed by GrahamUney Aug/15

Lakeland's Best Multi-pitch Routes up to HVS - A work in Progress! Routes on Castle Rock of Triermain north of May Day Cracks have been omitted due to a seemingly imminent crag collapse, so no Zigzag or Overhanging Bastion on here I'm afraid!

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Holly Tree GroovesHS **14?Yew Crags
Sinister GroovesVS 4c ***300?Buckstone How
Honister WallHS 4b **239?Buckstone How
AlexasHVS 5a **37?Buckstone How
CleopatraHVS 5a **215?Buckstone How
Pedagogue's ChimneyHS **6100m• 5Striddle Crag
LudoHS 4a **69?High Crag
ArtefactVS 4b **6267m• 3High Crag
DelilahVS 4c ***290?High Crag
High Crag ButtressHVS 5a ***181?High Crag
Easter ButtressVS 4c **8?Eagle Crag...
Eagle FrontVS 4c ***252150m• 8Eagle Crag...
Mitre Buttress DirectS **27680m• 5Grey Crag...
Harrow ButtressD **649?Grey Crag...
Spider WallVS 4c **134?Grey Crag...
Harrow WallVD **96?Grey Crag...
Slabs West RouteHS 4a ***231?Grey Crag...
Slabs Ordinary RouteVD **294?Grey Crag...
SuaviterS 3c ***185?Grey Crag...
Grey WallVS 4c **31?Grey Crag...
FortiterVS 4b ***137?Grey Crag...
Oxford and Cambridge Ordinary RouteVD **93?Grey Crag...
Oxford and Cambridge Direct RouteS 4a ***698?Grey Crag...
Dexter WallVS 5a ***284?Grey Crag...
YorkerHS 4a **1330m• 2Grey Crag...
Ted DexterVS 4c 4?Grey Crag...
BrandywineVS 4c **2360m• 2Grey Buttress,...
JezebelVS 4c **2342m• 2Miners Crag
SpinupVS 4c **241?Falcon Crag
Hedera GroovesVS 4c **293?Falcon Crag
IllusionHVS 5a ***32544mFalcon Crag
LamplighterHVS 5a **114?Falcon Crag
Fool's ParadiseVS 4c ***429110m• 5Gowder Crag
KaleidoscopeHVS 5a **56?• 4Gowder Crag
Brown Crag WallVS 4b **721?Shepherd’s Crag
Brown Slabs DirectVD ***2579?Shepherd’s Crag
Brown Slabs AreteD ***1713?• 2Shepherd’s Crag
FinaleHVS 5a ***834?Shepherd’s Crag
ArdusVS 4b ***220340m• 3Shepherd’s Crag
Delight MakerHVS 5a **234?Shepherd’s Crag
EveVS 4c ***1638?Shepherd’s Crag
AdamVS 5a ***1615?Shepherd’s Crag
Chamonix GirdleHVS 4c **7?Shepherd’s Crag
Fishers FollyVS 4c ***2274?Shepherd’s Crag
Kransic Crack DirectHVS 5a ***1495?Shepherd’s Crag
ChamonixHS 4b **897?Shepherd’s Crag
Little ChamonixVD ***631670m• 4Shepherd’s Crag
Monolith CrackHVS 4c **310?Shepherd’s Crag
Devil's WedgeE1 5a **71?Shepherd’s Crag
Derision GrooveMVS 4b **449?Shepherd’s Crag
Shepherd's ChimneyVS 5a **264?• 2Shepherd’s Crag
Shepherd's GullyMVS 4b **135?Shepherd’s Crag
Donkey's EarsS 4a **1431?Shepherd’s Crag
Jackdaw Ridge DirectVD **403?Shepherd’s Crag
The CoffinVS 4c **135?Black Crag...
The ShroudVS 4c **577?Black Crag...
Obituary GroovesHVS 5a *199?Black Crag...
The MorticianHVS 5a ***524?Black Crag...
Troutdale PinnacleS ***3014105m• 6Black Crag...
Troutdale Pinnacle DirectVS 4c ***587?Black Crag...
Troutdale Pinnacle SuperdirectHVS 5a ***721?Black Crag...
Bowderstone PinnacleS 4a **303?Bowderstone Crags
Quayfoot ButtressVD *529?Quayfoot Buttress
The CryptHVS 5a **14622mQuayfoot Buttress
AberrationVS 4c **619?• 2Quayfoot Buttress
MandrakeHVS 5a ***819?Quayfoot Buttress
IronyHVS 5a **554?Quayfoot Buttress
The CreepHVS 5b **28?Quayfoot Buttress
The Girdle TraverseHVS 5c **3?Quayfoot Buttress
Wimpey WayS 4a **559?Bowderstone Crags
Woden's FaceVS 4b **315?Bowderstone Crags
DDTHVS 5a ***182?Goat Crag,...
Gillercombe ButtressS 4a ***1323?Gillercombe
Grey Knotts FaceD *175?• 5Gillercombe
Raven Crag ButtressVD ***385?Raven Crag, Combe...
CorvusD ***1719?Raven Crag, Combe...
CoraxS **42?Raven Crag, Combe...
Raven Crag GullyVD ***84?Raven Crag, Combe...
Easy StreetMVS 4c **860m• 2Raven Crag, Combe...
Outside Route (Face Route)D **150?Dove Nest Crag,...
ClubfootMVS 4a **31?Dove Nest Crag,...
Falconer's CrackVS 4c **46?Eagle Crag...
AnarchistHS 4b **53?Raven Crag,...
Communist ConvertVS 4c **127?Raven Crag,...
Angel's HighwayE1 5b **79?Castle Rock of...
Kestrel wallS 4a ***23345m• 3Eagle Crag...
SobrenadaHVS 5a ***168?Eagle Crag...
Sleet WallHS 4b **8?Hutaple Crag
The AmphitheatreVS 4c **2?Hutaple Crag
BeowulfVS 4c **39?Scrubby Crag
GrendelVS 4b ***39?Scrubby Crag
HrothgarHVS 5a **9?Scrubby Crag
HangoverHVS 5a **39?Dove Crag (Dovedale)
Westmorland's RouteS *56?Dove Crag (Dovedale)
Truss ButtressVD **77938mGouther Crags
SostenutoHVS 5a **234?Gouther Crags
The FangVS 4b ***56640m• 2Gouther Crags
The DoghouseMVS 4b **9639m• 2Gouther Crags
Kennel WallS 4a ***67637m• 2Gouther Crags
The MinotaurHVS 4a **13?Buckbarrow Crag
Sadgill WallS 4a **193?Buckbarrow Crag
Route 1VD ***1603?• 2Scout Crags
Route 2VD **968?Scout Crags
Slip KnotVS 4b ***133244m• 2White Ghyll
Moss WallVS 4c **375?White Ghyll
Hollin GrooveHS 4b *226?White Ghyll
HitcherVS 4a **40?White Ghyll
The VeilHVS *52?• 3White Ghyll
White Ghyll WallVS 4c ***594?White Ghyll
Perhaps NotHVS 5a **57?White Ghyll
What NotVS 4c **16?White Ghyll
The Gordian KnotVS 4c ***728?White Ghyll
Haste NotVS 4c ***672?White Ghyll
White Ghyll ChimneyHS 4b *146?• 3White Ghyll
The Slabs Route 1S 4a **934?White Ghyll
The Slabs Route 2S 4a *319?White Ghyll
White Ghyll TraverseVS 4c *14219m• 12White Ghyll
Crescent SlabsS 4a **420?Pavey Ark
Crescent ClimbM **504?Pavey Ark
Great GullyD *37?Pavey Ark
Stoat's CrackHS **234?Pavey Ark
Rake End WallVS 4c ***522?Pavey Ark
Rake End ChimneyD **92?Pavey Ark
Cook's TourVD *167?Pavey Ark
Rectangular SlabVS 4c *61?Pavey Ark
Rectangular RibHVS 5a *24?Pavey Ark
CoatiVS 4b **18961m• 3Pavey Ark
Troll's CornerHVS 5a **1965m• 3Pavey Ark
Golden SlipperHVS 5a ***884?Pavey Ark
CascadeHVS 5a **110?Pavey Ark
Harristickorner/Spillikin RidgeVD **50?Harrison Stickle
Porphyry SlabVD *22?Harrison Stickle
Middlefell ButtressD ***329175m• 3Raven Crag...
PrometheusHVS 5a **23640m• 2Raven Crag...
MendesVS 4c **785?• 3Raven Crag...
OdinVS 4c *22642m• 2Raven Crag...
Evening WallS 4a **1057?Raven Crag...
Holly Tree TraverseVD *496?Raven Crag...
Oak Tree WallS 4a **51645m• 2Raven Crag...
The Original RouteS 4a ***2026?• 4Raven Crag...
Holly Tree DirectHVS 5a **852?Raven Crag...
PlutoHVS 5a ***984?• 3Raven Crag...
Bilberry ButtressVS 4c ***149376m• 3Raven Crag...
Kneewrecker ChimneyHVS 5b *114?Raven Crag...
RevelationHS 4b ***185843m• 2Raven Crag...
Raven GirdleS 19100m• 7Raven Crag...
CentipedeS 4a **1135?Raven Crag...
SamarkandHVS 5a 25?Raven Crag...
Three Tiers ClimbVS 4c **2348mGimmer Crag
The Purple EdgeVS 4c **7248mGimmer Crag
Main Wall ClimbVD **298?Gimmer Crag
Bachelor CrackHS 4b **64?Gimmer Crag
Chimney buttressS **42?Gimmer Crag
Gimmer ChimneyVD ***560?Gimmer Crag
RemembranceHVS 5a **83?Gimmer Crag
Crow's Nest DirectHVS 5a **109?Gimmer Crag
Bracket DirectHVS 5a **4790m• 4Gimmer Crag
Bracket and Slab ClimbVS 4b ***114897m• 5Gimmer Crag
'A' RouteS 4a ***362?Gimmer Crag
'B' RouteVS 5a **310?Gimmer Crag
'C' RouteS 4b ***748?Gimmer Crag
The Crimson PirateVS 4b 6749m• 2Gimmer Crag
Lichen GrooveHS 4b **26?Gimmer Crag
Oliverson's Variation and Lyon's CrawlVD ***133?Gimmer Crag
'D' RouteS 4a ***1045?Gimmer Crag
Whit's EndVS 4c **67?Gimmer Crag
'F' RouteVS 4c ***979?Gimmer Crag
Kipling GrooveHVS 5a ***1012?Gimmer Crag
The CrackVS 4c ***1003?Gimmer Crag
Herdwick ButtressVD *85?Gimmer Crag
Ash Tree SlabsVD ***1335?Gimmer Crag
North-West EliminateHVS 5a **2055mGimmer Crag
HiatusVS 4b *48?• 4Gimmer Crag
InertiaHVS **29?Gimmer Crag
Grooves SuperdirectHVS 5b **9?Gimmer Crag
Grooves TraverseHVS 5a **9?Gimmer Crag
NocturneVS 4b **7?• 3Gimmer Crag
Pallid SlabsS 4a **10?Gimmer Crag
The Girdle TraverseHVS 5a **10201mGimmer Crag
Merlin SlabD **4285m• 4Pike of Stickle
Merlin Wall CrackVS 4c 438m• 2Pike of Stickle
Merlin Wall GrooveHVS 5a -40m• 2Pike of Stickle
Adam's AppleHVS 5a **2?Neckband Crag
The GizzardHVS 5a **4?Neckband Crag
The Cambridge ClimbS 4a *38?North...
Bowfell ButtressHS 4b ***897110m• 4Bowfell
The Central RouteVS 4c **48?Bowfell
Ledge and GrooveVD **29102m• 6Bowfell
Right-hand WallVS 4c **4?Bowfell
Grey RibMVS 4b **-?Bowfell
Another Grand Day OutVS 4c **1?Bowfell
Secret No MoreS 2540m• 2Helm Crag
FlarepathVS 4c **66?Helm Crag
RainbowHVS 5a **6?Helm Crag
Arête, Chimney and Crack (Summer)S 3c ***560?Dow Crag
Gordon and Craig's RouteS 3c **104?Dow Crag
IsengardHVS 5b **238?Dow Crag
Eliminate 'A'VS 4c ***1089?• 6Dow Crag
Giant's Crawl (Summer)D ***943?Dow Crag
Leopard's CrawlHVS 5a ***420?Dow Crag
Murray's DirectVS 4c ***537?Dow Crag
Murray's RouteS 4a ***847?Dow Crag
Central ChimneyS 4a **47?Dow Crag
'C' Ordinary Route (Summer)VD ***817?Dow Crag
SiriusHVS 5a **32?Dow Crag
Eliminate 'C'VS 4c **160?Dow Crag
Great Central RouteHVS 5b ***70?Dow Crag
Hopkinson's CrackHS 4b ***103?Dow Crag
Artful DodgerHVS 5a **4100m• 3Dow Crag
Western WallVS 4b **519?Wallowbarrow Crag
Malediction DirectVS 4c **50049m• 2Wallowbarrow Crag
ThomasS 4a ***1548?• 3Wallowbarrow Crag
West Buttress GirdleVS 4b **23?• 4Wallowbarrow Crag
NamelessS 3c **335?Wallowbarrow Crag
DigitationVS 4c **1125?Wallowbarrow Crag
Trinity SlabsVD **1061?• 3Wallowbarrow Crag
Keswick Brothers' ClimbVD **8?Scafell Crag
Botterill's SlabVS 4c ***61987m• 3Scafell Crag
Moss Ghyll GroovesVS 4c ***50279m• 4Scafell Crag
Slab and Groove RouteHVS 4c **6472m• 2Scafell Crag
Moss GhyllS 4a **80120m• 6Scafell Crag
Pisgah Buttress DirectS **80101m• 5Scafell Crag
Slingsby's Chimney RouteVD **107103m• 4Scafell Crag
Hopkinson's GullyVS 4b ***70?Scafell Crag
Jone's Route Direct from Lord's RakeHS 4b ***224?Scafell Crag
Direct from Lord's Rake to Hopkinson's CairnS 4a ***28?Scafell Crag
Moss Ledge Direct and Jones' AreteVS 4c ***155?Scafell Crag
Right-Hand Edge and Pinnacle Face Direct FinishHVS 5b **11?Scafell Crag
Woodhead's ClimbS 4a ***21?Scafell Crag
Thompson's RouteVD **13?Scafell Crag
The Girdle TraverseMVS 5a **1?Scafell Crag
West Wall ClimbVD **6?Scafell Crag
Silver LiningVS **-164mScafell Shamrock
TrinityHVS 5a **3867m• 3Scafell East...
The Yellow SlabHVS 4c ***93?Scafell East...
Great Eastern RouteVS 4c **93?Scafell East...
The CentaurHVS 5a ***132?Scafell East...
Mickledore GroovesVS 5a ***27067m• 2Scafell East...
The FulcrumVS 4c **47?Scafell East...
Grooved AreteHVD ***297?Pikes Crag
The SentinelVS 4c **27?Pikes Crag
Juniper ButtressS **75?Pikes Crag
Wall and Crack ClimbVD ***65?Pikes Crag
Side TrackVS 4c *6155m• 3Heron Crag, Eskdale
BellerophonHVS 4c *8757m• 4Heron Crag, Eskdale
The Red EdgeE1 5a ***27360m• 2Esk Buttress (Dow...
Black SundayHVS 5a *48?Esk Buttress (Dow...
Square Chimney/Medusa Wall CombinationVS 4c ***148?Esk Buttress (Dow...
Bridge's RouteHS 4b ***288?Esk Buttress (Dow...
Trespasser GrooveE1 5a ***150?Esk Buttress (Dow...
Ode To BobyVS 4c ***171m• 4Black Crag (Gable...
ElectronHVS 5a ***46?Pillar
Walker's GullyMVS 4c ***7?Pillar
Grooved WallVS 5a **70?Pillar
North ClimbS 4a ***103?Pillar
ScyllaHVS 5a **13?Pillar
MegatonE1 5a ***53?Pillar
North-West ClimbVS 4b ***114?Pillar
CharybdisHVS 5a **5?Pillar
The Appian WayHS 4b **44?Pillar
West Wall ClimbHVD **37?Pillar
GomorrahVS 4c **23?Pillar
VandalHVS 5a **32?Pillar
Rib and Slab ClimbHS 4b ***258?Pillar
New West ClimbVD ***343?Pillar
South-West ClimbMVS 4b ***61?Pillar
Engineer's SlabsVS 4c ***33560m• 2Gable Crag
JabberwockHVS 5b **75?Gable Crag
Kern Knotts West ButtressVS 4b ***11233m• 2Kern Knotts
Kern Knotts ChimneyHS 4b **8550m• 2Kern Knotts
The Buttonhook RouteE1 5b ***14950m• 3Kern Knotts
Tophet WallHS 4b ***103275m• 4The Napes
Needle RidgeVD ***1263114m• 5The Napes
The Wasdale CrackHS 4c ***96117m• 2The Napes
Eagle's Nest OrdinaryVD **90107m• 5The Napes
Abbey ButtressS 4a ***11958m• 3The Napes
Arrowhead Ridge DirectVD ***24680m• 4The Napes
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